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Sean Carpio WoWos Debut Album

By Sean Carpio


My name is Sean Carpio and this band is called WoWos. The group is a melodic instrumental pop outfit made up of accomplished Jazz and improvising musicians from Ireland and Denmark. I formed the band as part of a commission by Project Arts Centre in 2010, and again in 2012 where we performed a regional tour of Ireland and at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. After three years of writing and performing this music and finding an enthusiastic and excited fan-base in Ireland and Denmark, I would like to record a selection of these songs and release it as a limited edition debut album.

This experience has afforded me the opportunity to write music for some of my favourite musicians. They are professional colleagues of mine but are also friends with whom I’ve collaborated and performed all over the world for the last seven years. Everyone involved in the WoWos is ready and very keen to record this album. It is due to the repeated requests from supportive friends, fans, musicians and family that I am embarking on this Fundit campaign. All the enthusiasm in the world is not enough to make this happen so we need help from you: the wonderful audiences and enthusiasts that have come to listen to us and have shared the fellowship, camaraderie and joyful musical experience that is WoWos.

Your support will directly pay for the costs of producing this album, from the studio time to the post production: mixing, mastering, design and the manufacturing of the vinyl and the playbuttons. www.playbutton.com

We intend to record this album in Denmark at Black Tornado Studios. The engineer, Morten Bue has previously worked closely with all of the musicians involved in this project and often in this very studio. This location is economical but more importantly provides a familiar creative environment with rare and specialised equipment. The recording will be made straight onto two track as we want to keep the immediacy of the playing and capture the spontaneous talent of the musicians involved. The album will be released on Vinyl and as a digital download. We are asking some very thoughtful and talented Irish designers
www.conoranddavid.com to help make the physical album something special and I hope that you will enjoy some of the limited editions as part of the rewards that I am offering.
I would just like to stress the fact that without FundIt we will not be able to make this album and we believe that this opportunity will unfortunately not come about again.

The musicians involved are all part of the vibrant young Danish music scene and are successful and highly accomplished in their own right.

Bassist/Producer Jeppe Skovbakke (www.ilkmusic.com)
Guitarist Mikkel Ploug (www.mikkelploug.com)
Guitarist/Producer Anders Holst (www.blackoutmusic.dk)




Hello Funders, by now you should all have received an email that permits you to download the album. We have also asked you for details in order to send you your relevant rewards. I just want to check that everybody has received an email. If not please check your SPAM folder, or leave a comment on this page with your name an we'll double check your contact details with Fundit in order to get back to you. http://seancarpio.wordpress.com/2013/12/04/wowos-debut-album-is-go/ Thanks again and really hope you're enjoying the music. Seán.


Hello Funders, Finally and gladly I can let you know that all issues have been resolved and we will start sending you digital copies of the album on the 1st of December. All physical copies will follow in those first two weeks of December also! Thank you very very much for your patience. At this point we are just excited at the prospect of you having and listening to this album. We will be in contact with you regarding postal arrangements etc. And with any other news if we have it before December 1st. Many thanks, Sean


Dear funders, Apologies for the lack of news. We're so very nearly there but unfortunately we're dealing with some issues regarding the vinyl. That is the reason we're delayed... ...because we want everything to be just right. Especially as you all gave so willingly and generously and believed in this project. I hope to have some concrete news for you soon. Thanks for your interminable patience! Seán.


Dear Funders, Back again with a bit more news. We have the Playbuttons! And I’m really pleased with them. Conor and David’s artwork looks great on them. It’s all so real now and it’s thanks to you all! Conor and David have also finished the vinyl artwork and we have placed the vinyl order. This will take a month to produce so not really that long now... In the meantime custom packs are being designed for those special funders. And all posting stationary will be ordered so that we may get everything to you all as soon as vinyl is delivered. Again, thank you for your patience. In a month I think it will just be a conveyer belt of packaging, stamp licking and posting with family and any friends I can rope in to help ;) So see you all again in a month. Thanks, Seán


Dear Funders, Thank you for your patience and sorry for the lack of news. I have been listening to all the songs and have finally got a tracklist and all the band are happy with the order of the album. In the meantime Conor and David have been hard at work designing the artwork and we’re nearly there! We’re just waiting to finalize the vinyl artwork and then we will be able to put that into production. Playbuttons will be going into production in the next couple of days which is very exciting. They do take a while to make but I think they will be worth it. So that’s it for the moment. When I have more concrete timings regarding your rewards I will post them up. For the moment I think we’re doing well and I hope that next time I give you an update I will be holding a playbutton or vinyl in my hands! Many thanks!!! Seán

UPDATE 02 - 11 Feb 2013

Dear Funders! Hope this update finds you all well... especially those in Ireland who had to cope with another “soft day”. Just wanted to let you know that the mixing with Morten Bue went really well. Everyone involved is very happy with the outcome. Morten is really invested in the album now and says he also wants to master it! And with 15 years of mastering experience I’m delighted to entrust him with the task. This will be happening at the end of February and the record will have to be mastered for digital download and for vinyl. In the meantime I will be meeting Conor and David to start the ball rolling on the artwork. That’s all for now and as soon as I have more news regarding the project I will be sending out another update. Many thanks, Seán


Dear Funders! An enormous and heartfelt thanks to all of you. Watching the last couple of days of the WoWos fundit campaign was an excruciatingly exciting way to go from 2012 to 2013, to say the least. You all came through as friends, fellow musicians, family and some wonderful supporters who hopefully just liked the music! And I am eternally grateful for your belief in this band and music. I will be updating you as often as possible with concrete news about how the project is progressing. As all the musicians in WoWos are busy touring working musicians, it is hard to find time where we all have simultaneous free days. However, such an opportunity arose and all the tracks have been recorded! Thanks to the incredible skills of Jeppe, Mikkel and Anders. We had a few wonderful days with the marvellous and enthusiastic Morten Bue from Black Tornado Studios in Copenhagen who was the engineer for the entire recording. I am delighted that Morten is also going to mix the album. This will start in another few days and as soon as it is done I will let you know. The next step will be the all important Mastering. Artwork will also be most important at this stage so that we can start looking at the vinyl production and so that we may be able to start preparing for the digital downloads! So that’s all for now folks. I’ll be in touch soon with more updates. Again, many many thanks. Seán

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