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Scourged - A Memoir

By Shellshock


I wrote the novel "Scourged" as a Memoir as a direct result of the heartbreaking diagnosis of Alzheimers Dementia in my gentle Mother, Siobhán.

Beginning in the 60's, the tandem narrative unravels the memories of life in a small Irish town - narrated by the Scourge of the title - Me - and my Mother - in a series of flashbacks.

It comprises sections of black comedy, nostalgia, memories and epiphanies - that document the personalities, history, and archive of an ordinary family, who through the bastard of disease that the Scourge calls "death by a thousand cuts" becomes cathartic, redemptive, and ultimately uplifting, as we become extraordinary in our ability to cope.
It also shines a light on an illness that is rarely discussed in this detail.

Written over 4 years, "Scourged" takes the reader on a journey from early diagnosis, the stages as the patient declines, the family's implosion, the morphing of the Scourge from wide eyed child into Enfant Terrible - then through obese depressed recluse, morphing into the creator of Shellshock – One Woman shows .

I first performed at the Fusion Soirée - having been dragged out from behind my keyboard to make people laugh and cry as I told them about some of the tamer incidents in my checkered life to date.

I moved on to Wexford Arts Centre, Suas At the Sky, Arthurs in Dublin, Ban Thai in Sommen, Sweden,and have been widely interviewed and recorded as a Voice of Carers . I was awarded the Dylan Thomas Literary Residency in Sweden in 2014 and played the opening night in the Spiegel Tent at Wexford Festival Opera on my 50th birthday.

Siobhán has always been my inspiration.
The first thing I ever wrote about Siobhán was a short story called "Mothers Day" and following her hospital admission, a play called "Brigids Women" - named for the ward Siobhán spent 7 months in.

After a decade of dementia, 6 years of which were spent in a small room in a Nursing Home, and after bravery that was described by medical personnel as "heroic and humbling" Siobhán was called home during a hurricane on the last day of winter, St Brigids Day.
Her Months Mind Mass was held 7 weeks later, on Mother’s Day.

The book has been called groundbreaking and remarkable by a readers panel.

I will launch the hardcopy in October, on my 51st birthday.

I feel my Mother has helped me write it, and that I have given her back her voice, which was sadly silenced, and also given her back her place in the world, which she longed to see.
I will use her own artwork - which she painted as a child- on the cover, with her signature.

"Scourged" is written.
The amount sought is to cover copy editing -€1,000
printing of 1000 copies - €3,650
distribution, launching and press - €350.

I thank you on behalf of both of us ....... in anticipation
Siobhán Dooley Mahon and the Scourge.



"The proof of the pudding..........................."

Thank you all so so much for your patience and understanding as I try to get around to emailing all the funders with thanks and advice about where they can pick up their rewards. I am in the process of proofing the manuscript which has been returned from the Publisher set out into book form. Finally. The past month has been emotionally fraught as I realise that this is actually happening, and I have to let my words go out into the world, taking baby steps on chubby ankles as they leave me, When the proofing is finished, the photos and cover design will be finalised, and I will be able to give the nod to the man to - "Print!" The launch of "Scourged" will take place at 7 pm on October 22nd ( my birthday ) in Wexford Book Centre, and there will be a guest speaker, and complimentary wine. And me up to high doh at a table trying to get a gel pen to work, signing copies. Funders who are attending the launch and the post launch party in "The Sky & The Ground" can pick up their signed copies and artwork at a special table there on the night. Funders who live abroad will hear from me by email - mchllmahon@yahoo.ie to confirm addresses for mail delivery. Reviews for Scourged “MDM seeks to preserve the essence of her Mother as she succumbs to the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease. The twin narratives serve to illuminate and mirror each other, in the process creating a shrinking receding infinity that the author crosses to reach the mind of her beloved Siobhán Written with style, skill, humour and no little passion, Scourged brings home the bitter sweet truth that to live is to love and to love is to lose” Declan Dempsey “I read it in 2 sittings. My eyes hurt from laughing and crying. I’m going to read it again immediately” Inspirational! Jennifer Traupe “Scourged is that most rare and wonderful creature, a book that is both entertaining and honest- like David Sederis, or Joan Didion before her, Dooley Mahon delves deep into the seam of the everyday, mining the ore of tragedy and comedy, shining a single head lamp as she digs, until the unsuspecting reader, laughed and cried out, is forced to go for a lie down” Eoin Colfer “Dooley Mahon’s talent lies in conjuring up not only crystal clear nostalgia and events, but describing them in a way that drops the reader into the story. I could smell chips and clove rocks and roses. I was in that room with her” Theresa O’Brien “Groundbreaking and remarkable” Jackie Hayden I look forward to meeting and thanking all of you. MDM. MDM x

2 days to go ....................... keep her lit

https://soundcloud.com/eggshell-2/cuimhne-4 This is an extract from one of the pieces in the book. I will post a funny one tomorrow. Thanks to all the funders to date and to the ones who forgot or said send me the link and forgot again, then I say hurry up already. Tempus fugit and all that jazz. Am racing to deadlines and up the walls. Thanks to all xx

THIS is who you are funding.


Friday - one week left

Lads, I am humbled by your support. From the shares and tweets to the people stopping on the street, We have pushed a baby grand up a mountain, and we are just pausing for breath before the last heave to the summit. What is beautiful is not the fact that so many have pledged to date, but the massed voices who in unison shouted .... "We WANT to read it, "We want a book in our hands, "We want the smell of the paper" And the roars of the crowd, who together have crowdfunded something - something that means so very very much. I thank you. Drive her on, lads, drive her on.

One week left!!

"Would YOU have bought this book if you could have................... back in the day,in the early days? Said the man on the phone. - "Bought it?" - BOUGHT it? .................. I would have broken somebody's arm to get it down off a shelf. You can get if before it hits a shelf. You have one week left. Again, a thousand million thank you's to the silent army marching behind this project, a project so deeply personal it lays me low and lifts me a dozen times on any given day - To the ones who have shared and tweeted and pledged, to the ones who are telling their friends, to my sister who is emailing the entire world the link, to my 85 year old Father who is reading the updates of the amount to date out to me from his iPad every day, and even to the ones who are wandering around the site wondering how do you do it and where do you pledge...... I thank you. One week to pre-order a book. #menerves

Day 11

784 shares. 76 funders. Over half way with 2 weeks to go!! I am exhausted talking myself up and down the streets whispering "Psst - wanna buy a book" Thank you so so much to the many people who have shared the link and to those who have contributed and called and emailed and texted offering best wishes and support. I am humbled. I need all of your help and support to get this project up the side of a hill and into a jacket. #mixedmetaphorsmuch * I need a lie-down* Blessings to all who have helped to date, and to the new ones who will come. Best wishes, M.

Day 8

8 days in and we are half way there!! 50% lads, keep her lit. Keep her lit. Thank you so much to the tireless efforts of those who are trying to propel and steer this hugely personal project, to the unsung volunteers who are quietly plugging away in the background, texting, calling, sharing, tweeting, writing the links on beermats in bars at closing time, and generally trying to keep the awareness going. I remember a quote from Martin Amis who describes the double edged sword that is releasing the words out into the universe, and the feelings of vulnerability that ensue. To the people who are helping, AND funding, I send the blessings of the 7 snotty orphans from Kilmacanogue, and to the rest I project a corner of a nose, like a brass band advancing from under a wig, and say - "Lads. come on ...... buy a book. " Buíochas le gach dhuine Keep her lit. M (((( * - * ))))

Day 6

26.3% funded and I have nearly worn out the link on my phone, looking. I am trying to visualise the progress bar reaching the target and then some. I appear to be like a Lioness with her cub, feeling territorial , hopeful and dejected in any given moment. Thank you so much to all of the people who have funded to date, as they are making the process which was an idea, and words, into a tangible product which you can hold in your hands, and own. I send you much love and best wishes for your support and hope that you can coax someone else to hit the green button that says fundit and make a dream a reality, and a will o the wisp extant. MDM

Day 2

I swore I wouldn't look but of course I did. 14% funded is great. I won't have a nail left on my hands by the time a week is out. In the name of Goddle Mighty help me and buy a book. I gave it to a man to read and he got back to me saying "Flew through it, boy..... couldn't put it down, I know I'm a man and I don't want to sound all wanky but I loved it, and I loved what you have done with it, and to be honest I am amazed you lived to see 50" I thought of putting that on the cover. Go on, get your card out, hit the button. Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, etc etc Laters ........................ (((( ^ - ^ ))))

Day 1

And so it begins ............................ *nervously refreshes page*

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