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SAH - Studies in Arts and Humanities

By SAH Journal Editorial Team



SAH Journal is a not-for-profit venture and we're launching this crowdfunding campaign in order to cover the basic annual costs of publishing SAH Journal (web server, database registration, design and limited printing costs).

SAH journal emerges as the by-product of our increasing frustration with the rigid structure and limited scope of the dominant peer-reviewed academic publication tradition.

As active college lecturers and researchers, we seek to establish a place where the excellent work of emerging scholars may be aired, acknowledged and interrogated alongside the work of established academics.

SAH Journal is an open access (OA) project and this spirit of openness
extends to a willingness to engage with undergraduate, postgraduate and faculty-level submissions. The Editorial Board of SAH Journal places no barriers when it comes to the provenance of high quality articles for submission. Our interest is in variety, diversity and inclusion.

Current discourse in third level education often includes discussion around the notion of blended learning. Modes of delivery in higher education are changing and as they change, so also are there subtle changes in content and outcome. Academic publication should reflect these changes and SAH Journal is well positioned to contribute to the reflection of these changes as an online, open access and flexible platform.

Academic Librarians have long been considered important members of faculty but too often have been limited to a service-provider role. Librarians are equipped to do so much more than merely assist academic research. Their role can facilitate scholarly freedom. They can work with academic scholars to transcend disciplinary norms and accepted conventions controlling scholarly communication. SAH Journal actively involves academic librarians in the publishing process in close partnership with academic scholars.

To point out that third level education in Ireland is currently going through a period of radical and challenging reshaping is hardly newsworthy. Not only in Ireland but across the western world, many commentators in both the academic and public spheres continue to contribute to a robust and ongoing conversation concerning the nature, function and value of higher education in society. Nowhere is this discussion more important than within the area loosely understood to encompass the Arts and Humanities sector.

Those of us engaged in this business of higher education as academics or administrators (increasingly we are required to act in both capacities) need to protect the independence of our own research efforts and to ensure that newer generations of emerging scholars can find their way through the academic fog of war towards a place of appropriate publication.

At SAH Journal, we look forward to publishing creative and artistic pieces in future issues. We envision future issues where poetry, photography and fiction will sit comfortably alongside insightful academic contributions. We hope for SAH Journal to become a global multi-disciplinary place of encounter for students and faculty, for academics and librarians, for those within the walls of the university and for those beyond.