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Rónán ó Snodaigh - A Perspective

By Rónán Ó Snodaigh


Today we make a pact that we will provide five fabulous gigs to celebrate five fabulous albums from the past eleven years.  We are going to return to a few rare treasures from our recent past and spend a little more time working on and enjoying them. Sometimes the past moves too fast,and sometimes with the help of a few friends we can stop the clock and make time stretch to last that bit longer.

This is what we will be doing in Whelans, starting September 11th. Starting, stopping and stretching time with selection of songs that i left behind. I've done five albums, quite different. Different musicians, different engineers, different points of view and different arrival points. I'm going to do each one of the albums and try and gather the band like in 'The Blues Brothers' - reform the bands for each of the albums. All of them are quite special events and hopefully everyone involved will be as excited as me. I'm going to gig the albums. Each night will be very particular, each night will be dedicated to whichever album with those musicians involved. I'll probably do some of them better than before, some of them we won't do better.

To me it's like swimming, there's a point at which you run off a pier and you dive and you hit the water and as soon as you hit there you're in a different world. You've completely taken on another thing and you've got to deal with boats, jellyfish, people, depth. breathing, your body, cold, muscles, blood circulation.

You've to deal with a whole new set of things when you're in there and there's only a second in mid air between a completely different set of what you need to be thinking about to what you need to be thinking about. It's hard to be saying what I'm going to be doing in there because it's completely different, a different world from where I'm in now but as soon as

I get in I'll get in and I'm looking forward to it.

The gigs - all in Whelans, Dublin:

Sept 11th 'Water Off A Duck's Back'
Oct 9th 'Last Mile Home'
Oct 30th 'Play Days'
Nov 20th 'Tonnta Ró'
Dec 4th 'Tiptoe'

Fund it funds will be used to pay the 36 musicians involved and any left over will be used to pay the camera people and sound people and lighting people.

The full recordings of the gigs will be made available afterwards, first to some funders depending, then on sale in the digital world and eventually free to watch in the web world.