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Riff Raft Debut Album

By Bren O Ruaidh


We have been in the studio recording our debut album this week, full of our favourite tunes and we can't wait to share them with you. We're aiming to launch in March, but we need your help to make that possible. We have had such an amazing year playing so many amazing venues full of beautiful dancers, including the iconic Connolly's of Leap and packing Cork Jazz Festival's Ronnie Scott Rhythm Room. We are honoured to have gathered such a big following on the Cork dance scene and we aim to keep growing as a band, expanding to play in new places and to continue to increase our set list with great songs for Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Blues and Shag, as well as a few tunes for the pure party atmosphere of them! We have a few New Orleans second-line tunes coming very soon to a dance floor near you!

Releasing this album will really help us to grow. The money raised will go a long way towards paying for our time in the studio, the engineer's time with mixing and mastering, graphic design, cover photos, packaging and production of physical CDs. A portion of the target figure has also been allocated to pay Fund it their fee for hosting the campaign.

Keep up with the band on facebook and twitter, and find Bren Ó Ruaidh (bandleader, guitarist and singer) on instagramfacebook and twitter. Lots of photos and video clips from the studio and from our live performances are posted regularly.

Bren Ó Ruaidh has been playing jazz on the Cork scene since 2003. When he returned from a life-changing trip to New Orleans last year, he formed Riff Raft at the Ballydehob Jazz Festival. In less than a year the band has become extremely popular among dancers and listeners alike. Riff Raft are an amazingly talented group of musicians who also know how to have a great time on stage so gigs are always exciting and fun. 

Bren Ó Ruaidh (guitar/vocal)
Tony Adams (clarinet)
Liam de Staic (trombone)
Dave O’Keefe (trumpet)
Niall McGuinness (bass)
Niall Dennehy (drums)

If we are successful in reaching our target, there will be no further risks or challenges to face on the road to releasing our album in March. Everything is ready to go but awaiting funds. We are crowdfunding because without the support of friends and fans we would not be able to release our album this year at all. Releasing an album is an expensive process between recording, mixing, mastering, graphic design, photography, packaging, marketing etc. Even though recording is an expensive endeavour, it is a necessary one for a professional band, a calling card and more importantly a way for people to bring home the music they loved live!

We would like to thank our friends, families and fans for all the support in making this album possible. We can't wait to share it with you. There were some magic moments in the studio that we know you will love!