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This film came about when Shimmy, the director, met Aylin, our lead actress, at a festival in Germany. Ten minutes later, they knew they wanted to work together. From that came this charming short film. “RHINOS” is the story of Ingrid and Thomas, thrown together by circumstance, who over the course of six eventful hours learn more about each other than they thought possible.

While Ingrid is vivacious, carefree, and full of life, Thomas is reserved, introverted, even bashful. But throughout their time together, they learn to communicate in many ways other than language, and help each other resolve problems in their own lives.

We felt a personal story like this had no other home than Dublin city. We knew it would sit perfectly amid our homegrown and stunning locations, St. Stephen's Green Park and Dublin Zoo for example. The charm of the piece is how these two characters get to know each other through spontaneous historical re-enactments and musical set pieces throughout the city. Dublin city and its people have a vibrancy that we want to capture. It certainly is the third character in this film.

However even with the dedicated support of our cast and crew, we knew we couldn't make this film alone. With a dynamic team of Shimmy, Aylin and Fionn and myself we knew we had the potential to make a great film. So we weighed it up, discussed our costs, what could we hopefully get for free or at a low prices. But we realised that despite the goodwill of so many people working with us for free or on low rates, there are still many expenses that can't be begged, borrowed, or even stolen! Things like insurance, location fees, feeding everybody, and post production. They all add up!

In the end the figure we agreed on was €5,000 and while that does seem like a lot of money, we believe the finished film will look and feel like a million dollars! And it will do with your help. Pledging your money, even €10, goes a long way. No donation is too small because it all adds up and will go to great use. This is an Irish film with an international feel. It's set in Dublin and it's there for you to be involved in. So donate what you can, spread the word and we'll keep you up to date on our progress.

Here's a little bit about the team:

Shimmy Marcus is a multiple award winning director and documentary maker. His most recent feature film was "SoulBoy". He has also directed music videos for Gavin Friday and Jack White.

Ciara Gillan is the award winning animation producer of the short film "Hasan Everywhere".

Aylin Tezel, renowned actress and dancer, recently starred in "Almanya" which was in competition at the Berlin Film Festival.

Fionn O'Loingsigh, winner of the ISDA Best Actor 2009, has received much success on stage, cast in plays such as Death of a Salesman, Bedbound and The Lonesome West.

Thanks so much for your help!




As we near our shoot, we've added a new incentive to all you funders out there. For anyone who pledges €250 or more, (including those who have already done so) we will also give away an actual prop used in the film. In time, this will possibly go on to become quite a collectors item! So pace your pledge now and a secure a piece of cinematic memorabilia!

Direct link to Rhinos on Dragons Den

Check out Shimmy pitching Rhinos on Dragon's Den - http://vimeo.com/27981702

Our first update....

Hi, thanks SO much to everyone who has donated so far!!! We’ve over ten percent raised, so that's great. It's all very exciting watching the project grow like this. But we have to keep going. So be sure to spread the word to your friends and family. We're delighted to announce the addition of the fabulous Cathal Watters as Director of Photography, and Padraig O'Neill, the wonderful Production Designer (Garage, Adam and Paul, Snap) has also come on board. The wealth of experience that Padraig and Cathal bring to the film will really help push the creative boundaries. Completing the creative team is make up artist Nina Ayoub. Nina has recently worked on Swansong and Camelot and we're thrilled she's available to join us on this journey. Finally, we've uploaded a new fun video about our film on our Vimeo site, so check it out and send it on to all your friends. The clock is ticking, but with your help, we'll make it past our target! http://vimeo.com/user8087387/videos

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