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PictureHouse - New EP

By Craig Kingma


We're making a brand new EP with songs that we've been working on together and separately for the last while. We want to make it as inclusive as possible and we want some of the people who've been supporting us since the start to get involved with the process.

We've got great rewards, including a private gig in our recording studio in Co. Meath (a short drive from Dublin!). There's even opportunities to appear on the songs as well as chances to have the band play in your home or get Dave to help finish your songs.
For fans outside Ireland we've lots of great Skype options too!

Making a record isn't something that can be done with no money.
50% of the money would go on recording the songs. 20% on mixing and mastering the product, then we have to include all things like promotion, marketing, distribution, manufacturing and Fund it commission.

Our debut album, Shine Box was released in 1996, it was followed by Karmarama in 1998 which had the huge hit singles Sunburst, All the time in the world and love in the streets. We've had 4 studio albums, a live album and a compilation album.

We've toured the world including tours with Meatloaf, The Saw Doctors, The Corrs, Runrig.

Last year we celebrated our 21st anniversary and were delighted to receive tributes from President Higgins, Bono and a host of our media friends.

Due to busy schedules, getting all 5 members is a logistical challenge, but we're all so excited for this project we'll be actively filling these dates into our diary.

PictureHouse have always been self funded, we've paid for the recordings of all our albums. This is our first crowdfunded album. This support will allow us to make the record with the freedom of not needing to worry about funds and spreadsheets!

We've come a long way since 1995 and our fans have been with us every step of the way. From Dublin to Dubrovnik we've always had great support and craic with the people who've come to the shows and sang the songs. We'd be nowhere with your support. Thanks, D'Lads.

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