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PB5 and Grimoire

By The Poetry Bus


The Poetry Bus has probably published more first time poets alongside well known ones than any other magazine. Now in its fifth incarnation with undoubtedly the best issue yet,(just wait til you see it!) it is perfect bound with full colour illustrations (including a graphic short story!) from amazing artists and crammed with poets new and not so new!

We have a truly eclectic selection of poetry from Irish and international poets regardless of age, sex, nationality, friendship or standing. The Poetry Bus continues to offer opportunities for all equally and never forgets that it was created to provide a top class showcase as well as a level playing field. This ethos remains vitally important to us.

To further increase opportunities for writers we are introducing a series of quality chapbooks known as Grimoires. We are starting with Fiona Bolger's 'The Geometry of Love Between the Elements' which forms part of our rewards. We take this 'poetry for all' project very seriously without taking ourselves too seriously. We aim to provide an entertaining magazine for readers with unmatched quality and content. We will not survive without your help, there are many talented poets out there who won't get a start without this magazine, so we urge you to dig deep, support top class independent egalitarian creativity and provide opportunity for all.




Dear Funders, you beautiful people, your rewards are AT LAST winging their way across the planet, look to the skies (or your letter boxes!) and gaze at their majesty! We are delighted with PB5 and believe it to be our very best issue yet. We cannot thank you enough for your support and hope that you love the magazine too. If you haven't given us an address yet, please do, or the PB carrier pigeons won't know where to land! May love and beauty follow you all your life Peadar and Collette.


Hello everyone!! Can you believe we are nearly there, apologies for the delay, and a million thanks for waiting so patiently (You were patient, weren't you?!) PB5 is at the printers!! As soon as they are printed we will post them hot off the press, so put some gloves on! Meanwhile PB4 is now HALF PRICE for National Poetry Day. €5 including P+P for Ireland and €6 for the rest of the world! Grab yerself a bargain! http://thepoetrybusmag.wix.com/change

Nearly there!!

Hello precious funders! PB5 is almost ready to go to print.All the poems are done, most of the 80 bios (pruning and sorting alphabetically, Aaaarrggghh!) are done,just need to put in the illustrations and do the contents page. This issue is AMAZING with a capital ZING! As soon as PB5 is printed we can post the rewards. Sorry for the delay, due to postage costs we have to wait to post multiple items together. And here's a reminder that your Grimoires and Tee Shirts can be collected at Fiona's launch, be great to see you all to say a real THANK YOU!! Let me know and I'll make sure your items are there! The Workman's Club Dublin Friday Aug 23rd 6.30pm. Introduction by Anamaria Crowe Serrano, Free wine, Readings, Music, Grimoires, PB Mags, Tee Shirts, Merriment, POETRY!

Getting there!

Dear Bus funders, we are working on PB5, trying to get it to press soon.Thank you for your patience.It's going to be an amazing issue and we can't wait for people to see it! Meanwhile if you have a minute please give us a vote for funding over at Guinness, we entered late and are looking for a miracle! A million thanks! https://www.arthurguinnessprojects.com/arts/poetrybuspress

You're rewards are coming...soon!

Hello Funders! Part of the PB rewards was the promise of a good summer, I forgot to mention that! Fióna's Grimoire is ready and PB5 is getting bolted together as we speak, so as soon as it is finished we'll post them both off to you. So, could we please have your names and addresses emailed to thepoetrybusmag@gmail.com I have a list of all you lovely people so I can contact you if you forget! Best wishes, enjoy the sunshine! Peadar and Collette.

The work begins!

A million thanks once again to every single one of you. We met our target and have already published and printed Fíona Bolger's Grimoire. We are all delighted with it, and excited by it. Now we must knuckle down to get PB5 together and start sending you your well earned rewards. We have to work out the most cost effective way of sending these, either singly or all in one. We will keep in touch with progress reports and to gather your addresses! The future is bright, the future is Bus! Rahooooo! Peadar and Collette.


A million thanks to Colm Keegan, Michael Hogan, Sarah Clancy, Kate Dempsey, Anne Collins, Conor Mc Manus! THANK YOU! And to all the other pledgers, you are incredible for supporting this project. Less than 2 hours to go, we are a good bit over the line, the sun is shining and Thunderbird PB5 is GO! Watch out world!!

YOU'VE DONE IT!! Wahooooo!

The Bus is over the line! A million thanks to everyone including all the wonderful new funders, Catriona Mason, Niamh Bagnall, Nessa O'Mahony, Anonymous,Anonymous, Hazel Cullen, Anonymous, Keith Payne, Jennifer Wilson, Margo Foley, Andrew J Keir, JJ,Clive Collins. THANK YOU!!

Another pledger!

Sarah O'Toole, thank you so much!

More wonderful pledgers!

Thank you so much to Carol Swanson, Hazel Quigley. Anjali Sankar and Anna Livia Review for pledging. Much nail biting now at this stage in the shed!

Are We Nearly There Yet?

No, but there is still time! Big thanks to Nuala Mackenzie, liz Gallagher and another mysterious funder, thank you Anonymous.

Another generous funder!

Thank you, Kevin Dwan.

Big Thanks!

Thank you so much to our most recent funders, Jessica Maybury, James bolger, Anne Tannam, Vani Vemperala, Niamh Boyce, Danielle McLaughlin and Anonymous! Best wishes, Peadar and Collette.

Two wheels on our wagon!

And we gotta push for four! €1172 so far, which is amazing! A million thanks to new funders, Fiona Bolger, Carol Boland, David Morgan, Valerie Sirr, Sue Allen, Dave Boles and Brian Foley. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Got to keep pushing this big old bus up the hill then we can crazy freewheel down the other side into creativity heaven! Wahoo!

More Generous Funders

A big thank you to, Liz Quirke, Maurice Devitt and Colm Scully for funding. We're getting there bit by bit! Peadar and Collette.


We've raised €1006 so are over halfway to our target of €2000!!! Cause for a minor celebration in the hope that we can keep going keep pushing to the finish line.With only 9 das left its going to be 'Squeaky Bum Time' as Alex Ferguson used to say! For now though HUGE thanks to the precious new funders Eleanor Hooker, Alan Halford, Reine McDonnell. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Almost nearly kinda half way! More huge thanks to new funders Sue Cosgrave, Brian Kirk, Steph Conn, Scaldo, Peter Goulding, Helena Wilcox, Govindarajan Thupil, Alvy Carragher, Dale Houstman, Anonymous and his/her best friend,Anonymous and Jessie Lendennie. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU!!! WE feel almost optimistic now, which can be dangerous, there's a lot more to be done yet! Tell the world and his mother! Best wishes, Peadar and Collette.

Almost quarter of the way!!

Wow! We were terrified yesterday and full of optimism again now! Fundit is always a rollercoaster ride! A milion thanks to new funders Phil Lynch,Mike Timms, Paul Timoney and Martha Kight!! LEGENDS!!


We were stuck there for a little while! MANY thanks to new pledgers Vivienne Baille, Michael Touhey, Kelly Crieighton and Carol Swanson! You are all LEGENDS all you funders!

More wonderful pledgers!

Many thanks to Frances Kenny, Res JF Burman, Rachel Fenton, Silva Merjanian !!

Great Start

Thanks to new pledgers Raven, and PC Vandall!!


Stephen Byrne gets the ball rolling! A million thanks to him and Antain Mac Lochlainn and Wurm im apfel!! Rahooo!

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