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Pauline Scanlon - New Album

By Pauline Scanlon


I am about to record my first solo album in ten years!

Over the last decade, I have been busy with fellow west Kerry singer Éilís Kennedy with our band LUMIERE, which I love being part of. However, the time has come for a solo offering. I've been squirrelling songs away diligently over the last few years, all of which I am deeply motivated and inspired emotionally to sing. I have reached the point now where it's time to record and share them.

This will be the first album I have released without a record label and I am truly excited at the prospect of taking the reins, independently releasing this album and subsequently performing it live. I will be touring Ireland in late spring, early summer and look forward to seeing some of you at the gigs!

I will travel to London to record the album with producer John Reynolds, whom I have worked with on many projects including LUMIERE over the past 12 or so years. John and I have thought lots about the direction this record is to take and the team of musicians onboard for the journey really reflects that. We have spent a week in pre-production in London developing an exciting, beautiful new sound for this record, whittling down and selecting the songs and rehearsing like crazy! The musicians include: Dónal O'Connor - Keyboards & Strings / Clare Kenny - Bass / Graham Kearns - Electric Guitar / Donogh Hennessy - Acoustic Guitar / John Reynolds - Drums / Nicola Joyce - Backing Vocals

I am humbly asking for you to come onboard with me in the making of this new album. The money raised through the campaign will fund the recording, mixing, mastering, artwork, duplication and marketing of the record. With sincere gratitude, I have compiled a list of rewards for funders to enjoy.

I'll keep you all posted with regular updates as I go along,

Le grá ó,

Pauline x



Please send me your postal addresses

Hello friends.. I'm backing envelopes here to get you all your stuff... could you please email your postal addresses to the following email address please and I'll send the hard copies. I'll be in touch via email about workshops and the like.. Thanks folks! Px EMAIL ADDRESS: paulinescanlonfundit@gmail.com

Gone to press

Hello friends.. The album has gone to press, this process takes a while so I won't have physical copies in my hands for another couple of weeks. I'm going to email digital downloads in advance of the official release in the next couple of days to everyone as promised and I will be contacting some of you individually about various rewards and pledges over the next couple of days also. I've made three videos, the first of which was released a week ago.. here it is! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIM7EDVLERc Bear with me.. packages on the way in the coming weeks once I have something to send you! grá, Pauline x

Almost there...

Hello friends!.. Just a quick update on where I am with everything.. It's been a really busy few months since I've last updated you all. The long and the short of it is that the record is finished and it's being mastered tomorrow. I'm still finalising a few things with the cover and tying up some odds and ends but it's coming together and I'll have launch dates, a release date, videos and more over the coming weeks.. it's been an invigorating and really amazing process and I am eternally grateful to you all for facilitating that.. more to follow... x

Sincere Gratitude

Hello friends! Just a quick message and an update.. As you all know, I was successful with the campaign and I am over the moon about it. I'm so excited at the musical possibilities this whole campaign has afforded me and I'm really excited to share the results with you. I received everybody's details today, up until now I haven't had them as the site delivers a report a week after the closing date with all your pledges and email addresses. I'll be in touch with you all very soon to make arrangements where necessary and the album will be in the post as soon as she's cooked! I hope everynody has a great Christmas and New year.. I'll be in touch very soon (after the madness!) Grá go deo ó, Pauline x

1 week left!!!

Hello friends! One week left!!!.. the final furlong. I'm so delighted to have so many friends onboard with me to date, thanks sooooo much to all of you. I'm in London getting ready and working on stuff, so really looking forward to getting stuck in properly with all the musicians and getting this show on the road! Love, Px

One Week in!

Hi friends! Just a quick message to mark the occasion.. A week into the campaign! I'd sincerely like to thank everyone who has pledged to date. I am bowled over and genuinely humbled and appreciative of your kind and generous contributions to the campaign. I'm chomping at the bit here, sooooo excited to get into the studio and get these songs down.. I'll not flood your inboxes with emails and too many updates as I know you are all busy people, so for now... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Love, Pauline x

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