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Partly Cloudy

By Mark Cogan


Partly Cloudy will be the next project from Medicine Hat Films. It will return us to the world of Fiona, Doc and Damien who were last seen in the award winning short film Heart, which  has proven immensely popular online, gaining thousands of views in the few months it has been available. The full film is included in this campaign for viewing.

Fiona is bridesmaid to her demanding sister Gillian as well as coping with her overbearing mother Dolores and easily distracted father Jim. The bonds of family are tried and tested as tempers flare and underlying tensions threaten to ruin Gillian’s big day. Once again Fiona turns to her two closest friends, Doc and Damien to whom she often feels closer than her own family. The film is a bittersweet comedy/drama.

Partly Cloudy will feature George Hanover (Wild Decembers) as Fiona, Shane Casey (The Wind that Sakes the Barley, The Runway) as Doc and Frank Prendergast (Údar) as Damien. It is the second short film in a planned trilogy featuring these characters. The first installment, Heart was completed in 2010 and has gone on to screen at several festivals internationally and won the best screenplay award at the Underground Cinema Awards in September 2010. It was also nominated in the categories of best actor (Shane Casey), best actress (George Hanover), best cinematography (Páraic English), best director (Mark Cogan) and best film.

 Behind the scenes for Partly Cloudy, much of the crew remains the same such as writer/director Mark Cogan (65, All Night Long, The Edge of the World) and producer Amanda Ferriter (Heart, Gemma?, All Night Long, Tom's Sceadu). Páraic English will also return as cinematographer, giving the film a very professional and cinematic look.

Where is the money going? We have been very lucky to secure these actors and professional crew members so the majority of the budget will be used for their time and talent. We plan to shoot Partly Cloudy in October on a 3-4 day schedule. The remainder of the funds will be used for post production of the film, securing a composer and sound editor. We expect the film to be complete in spring 2012 at which point the digital downloads will be available to our funders. As soon as the film is complete it will be submitted for festivals both at home and internationally and will hopefully continue the success of Heart. A portion of the funds will be set aside for these festival submissions.

Thanks so much for your support.

The team at Medicine Hat Films