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Out Of Time

By Gillian Morrissey


Out of Time is a black comedy short film made by the final year students of Film and Broadcasting in Dublin Institute of Technology.

After a frantic dash for work, Dave is suddenly killed. When confronted by Death himself, he does what anyone would do, he runs. As the story progresses we see Dave as he goes to comical lengths to buy himself more time from Death.

We are a group of final year Film and Broadcasting students from Dublin Institute of Technology. We have been working hard to become skilled filmmakers, who aspire to tell the story in the best way possible on screen, and are of the belief it can reach audiences both in Ireland and abroad. As a group, we have been dedicated and committed to producing the best content we can for the past 4 years, successfully reaching Film Festivals such as the 2017 Galway Film Fleadh, and intend to follow in the footsteps of those who've gone before us.

The film is an ambitious piece but with some support, it could be something extraordinary. We hope that it will be a film that the cast, crew and all of our supporters can be proud of being involved with. The film will be premiered in The Lighthouse Cinema in June 2018 and a select few pledgers will be lucky to get invited to the screening.

Fortunately, most of our equipment is provided by our college, and as a crew, we have contributed funds where possible. However, we lack the necessary funds that will bring this film from a fantasy to reality. This is where you can help us out! The funds raised will go towards additional equipment, location rental, catering, props, transport expenses for the cast, hair/makeup and post-production costs. 

There is a list of rewards which reflect our appreciation for your pledge, no matter the size, any pledge will make a significant difference. 

Here is a link to our Facebook page which we will be updating regularly with new information and an update promotion video over the next few weeks - https://www.facebook.com/outoftimeproduction/ 

Thanks for your interest and support,

The 'Out Of Time' Crew



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