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Our Infinitely Secret Show

By Nessa Matthews


"Captain’s Log, Stardate (whatever): A lone astronaut hurtles through the cosmos on a one-way mission to the edge of us. She’s looking for a light in the dark. The source of a signal."


Our Infinitely Secret September Show is a theatrical space odyssey that crosses time and space to ask ourselves the question ‘Are we really alone?’


We are making a highly theatrical and design rich show that mixes sci-fi and documentary material. Through our exploration of fact, fiction and the spaces in between, we will investigate issues of mental health, the stories people tell and the meanings behind them. We are beyond delighted to be premiering the show in Dublin September.


We are fortunate to be receiving some production and in-kind support from Corn Exchange Theatre Company, Mermaid Arts Centre and the Scene & Heard Festival. However, as we are not receiving Arts Council funding we are looking to our friends, family, peers and the wider community to help us with the remaining production costs.


We have a lot of ambition for this project. We plan to layer intimate and detailed physical performance and an innovative costume design that utilises inbuilt lighting elements with a soundscape that blends personal interviews, character voice-over, original music and sourced sounds from sci-fi movies and actual missions into space.


We want to provide wonder for our weary hearts. We want to explore what it means to be alone in the connective space of a darkened theatre. We want to find an antidote to silence; of all kinds. We want to go to the darkest place in the universe and spark up a light. But we can't do any of this without YOU.




Your pledge will be going directly towards our production costs. These include:


- Rehearsal Space: €1400

- Transport: €75

- Costume & Set Department: €550

- Sound & Lighting Department: €235

- Insurance: €150

- Promotion and Publicity: €350

- Fund it Commission: €240


Your pledge will allow us to work in a supported way and to access the very tangible resources that allow us to create the very best possible show.


We have gathered together a stellar bunch of peeps to bring this show to life.  




EOGHAN CARRICK | Director & Co-Creator

Nora (DTF17), This Lime Tree Bower (Project Arts Centre), The Matador (DFF15)

NESSA MATTHEWS | Performer/Writer & Co-Creator

Mr. Burns (Rough Magic), The Snow Queen (Smock Alley), Foxfinder (The Lir)

NAOMI FAUGHNAN | Costume/Set Designer

Murder of Crows (Lee Coffey), Breaks (Bez Kinte), Susanne R Day's Toilers (Painted Bird)

DYLAN TONGE-JONES | Sound Designer

Birdy (Peacock Theatre), Glowworm (Project Arts Centre), Panned (Theatre Upstairs)


Half Light (Bombinate Theatre), BlackCatfishMusketeer (MALAPROP), The Last Days of Cleopatra (New Theatre)


Photography and Graphic Design by STE MURRAY

Fundraiser Video by KEITH JORDAN


We would be so grateful if you would consider lending us your support.


Thanks to Infinity!