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On the Horizon

By Risteard O Domhnaill


While making a documentary called ‘The Pipe’ (supported by TG4 and IFB) on the community at the centre of the Corrib Gas controversy, I began to delve into the wider story behind Ireland’s Oil & Gas. Why would a small sovereign State put all its resources, both security, legal and political, at the behest of the worlds most powerful oil companies? Why was there very little appetite among the mainstream media to delve into depth on the story of Ireland's Oil & Gas?

Over the next few years, I talked to many people and built up a huge bank of research, but could not get any support from broadcasters or other funding bodies. To me, the story of how we, as a country, effectively privatised our offshore with very little return to the State appeared illogical. The more I looked into this, the more curious and skeptical I became, and began to realise that it was quite likely that there was a potentially huge resource off our shores, and that the political context under which these deals were done was highly questionable.

The aim of this documentary is to delve deep into the politics of the oil & gas industry, seeking answers as to why Justin Keating's 1975 ‘Norwegian style’ terms were dismantled by Ray Burke and Bertie Ahern, and if there is any link between the awarding of exploration licences for political favours in the 1990s. Looking at combined results of past drilling programmes and current activity, my aim is to set out a realistic picture of what is happening, and what's to come for the Irish Offshore.

Over the next 4 months, I will spend time with different communities who will be affected by upcoming developments, from a fisherman in west Kerry to a farmer in Leitrim, from a former rig worker to an oil man, and find out what this new energy race will mean for them and their communities. We balance the economic with the social and environmental costs and ask the questions – in whose interest is this sudden push to open up the Irish Offshore?

Exxon Mobil and other major oil companies will have rigs off the Irish coast this drilling season and if the story is not told in the next year, it will be too late. I envisage completion of the film in the second half of 2014, with further support for post production and shooting outside of Ireland.

Following its premiere, where we would like to have as many funders as possible attend, we will take the film to every town and village in the country, with accompanying discussions and debates. Here again we would like people to become very involved and to be advocates for the issues raised in the film, be it to speak at the many events planned alongside the screenings or facilitate the distribution of the film in various ways.

email: drillireland@gmail.com



'Atlantic' update

Dear Funders,

Atlantic is generating a conversation that has been growing over the last year via screenings in 23 counties, 8 offshore islands, almost 200 community screenings from Hook Head Lighthouse to the EU Parliament. We’ve featured on RTÉ’s Nationwide, TV3’s Vincent Browne Show and thanks in no small part to Brendan Gleeson, been screened twice on RTÉ to huge response.

The publicity and reaction has offered us a unique opportunity to engage schools and  communities, to inspire further conversation on ocean resources and ocean literacy. This is a chance to promote engagement with scientific inquiry and debate of challenges facing societies today and in the future.


We are delighted to partner with the Marine Institute of Ireland to bring Atlantic to classrooms and schools throughout the country, as part of the Ocean Awareness Grants scheme, promoting marine awareness, education and engagement with the sea.


Atlantic is of particular interest and relevance to the following subjects:

·       Geography

·       Science

·       Transition Year

·       CSPE

·       Civics

·       Politics & Society

·       Home Economics

Contact us to find out how to organise a screening for your school or in your local area atlanticstream@outlook.com

As Brexit looms large, fishermen are still in the dark as to what it will mean for them and if more supertrawlers and industrial fleets will move west squeezing them out further and adding to the pressure on already depleted fish stocks.

Recent scientific papers on climate change, overfishing and ocean plastics make for grim reading, and we want to use ‘Atlantic’ to inspire people to take control of the future of their communities and their ocean. Everybody can make a difference, whether it is writing a letter to your local politician, showing the DVD to your local group or class, getting your local café to switch to reusable coffee cups, or asking your fish monger where your fish comes from, every bits counts and we want everyone to work together to do their little bit.

We want to mention a great initiative by Galway fishmongers Gannet: www.eatmorefish.ie , if you have a minute check out how they are bringing locally sourced fresh fish to your door. You wouldn’t believe the variety and richness of fish off our coasts (the Spanish, French, Germans, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish and Norwegians do from one look at the ship radar!).    

For any funders who may still not have claimed their DVD, download or poster rewards, please email us on atlanticstream@outlook.com. We are looking to wrap up the rest of the rewards soon and will be in touch via email. We would have hoped to have all the rewards wrapped up by now but the scale and ambition of showing ‘Atlantic’ in so many places and using it to change the mindsets of people and politicians has been almost overwhelming. We will get there but we never expected at the start that the film could be so effective as a catalyst for change. Thank you for bearing with us and being part of this journey.

‘Atlantic’ is still screening around Ireland, at the Burren Food Fayre, Lisdoonvarna, 28th October and the Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin on the 5th November, in Stirling Scotland tonight, Glasgow  on the 11th Nov and more to come. Check out our screenings link on:


Look forward to hearing back on any requests or feedback, and thanks again for continuing help in getting ‘Atlantic’ out there!

Richie and the ‘Atlantic’ team


'Atlantic' (On the Horizon) RTÉ 1 at 10:15pm tonight

Dear Funders, just a very quick note to say thanks again for all the help and support in getting 'Atlantic' to this point where it will be going out on RTÉ tonight at 10:15pm. (if you haven't yet received your DVD send us your address, atlanticstream@outlook.com, other awards on their way) It's just incredible the attention it is getting and that fishermen and others who depend on the sea are having their voice heard. Hopefully it will result in some real recognition of our ocean resources and coastal communities, and new found respect for our fishermen. Check out our new website www.theatlanticstream.com If you are on Twitter: #AtlanticFilm (@AtlanticStream) or Atlantic Stream on Facebook, please help us get the word out during the screening and let us get the conversation going online! Looking forward to making some noise! All the best Richie and all the 'Atlantic' crew

'Atlantic'/'On the Horizon' update

Dear Funders, Huge thanks for your continued support and faith in us. We have finally received the official DVD’s of ‘Atlantic’ from the factory and they have been posted to all of you who responded with your addresses. For those of you who qualify and who still haven’t supplied us with a postal address, please send it to us at atlanticstream@outlook.com and we will get it out to you straight away! We will move on to the other rewards once we have dealt with all the DVD’s that need to go out, and we really want you to feel you are part of this story and it’s message. It has grown far more complex and difficult than what we originally proposed, but in tackling these bigger issues, and overcoming so many unexpected challenges, the film is all the more worthwhile and powerful for it! To bring you up to date, ‘Atlantic’ has been screened in almost 130 venues nationwide, in the European Parliament in Brussels and in Leinster House, with your help in many cases. We have received an ‘Ocean Awareness’ award from the Marine Institute and are using the money from this for educational screenings and outreach. Our website is currently being overhauled and will be ready to launch within the next few weeks. The Irish Film Institute (IFI) are also offering ‘Atlantic’ to all secondary schools in regional venues, given it’s relevance to Junior and Leaving Cert Geography, Science and Social & Political Studies. If you can help get schools or local venues interested, we really appreciate your help and please email us on atlanticstream@outlook.com RTÉ have now agreed to screen ‘Atlantic’ on the 8th of December at 10:15pm, so we will be looking at ways in which we can garner publicity and awareness ahead of this date through the media and through our increasing networks. It is extremely important that we get this story out to young and old. You were all crucial in helping to fund this project when the official sources turned their backs on us. Now we can use the film to push for some real change! On the 12th December, our minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed T.D. will head to Brussels ahead of the first real opportunity since we joined the EEC/EU in 1973 for negotiations over our fishing resources. With the largest fishing grounds in Europe about to be brought back under British control due to Brexit, the consequences of this could be dire for our coastal communities or provide an opportunity for our government to finally demand a fair deal for our fishermen. Please let your local representative know about the importance of insiting on the minister the need to inform himself on the current situation, and the growing public awareness of the bad deals done on our ocean resources over the decades. Although we had a very poor turnout from the governing parties at our screening in Leinster House, it is all the more reason to get them to face up to the problems facing our coasts, so if you do send your copy to your local TD we will replace it for you, or you can email the minister at michael.creed@oir.ie In the longer term, we are trying to spread the message of conservation of the seas that surround us, and promotion of the benefits from the responsible use of this incredible resource. Our fishing communities are rich in culture and knowledge, and our waters are among the best habitats for whales, dolphins and diverse sea life in the world, and we would like to pass this on to the younger generation coming after us, as they will be the generation that will face the greatest challenges to our oceans and environment globally. In conjuction with the IFI, we have screened to schools in Newbridge, Cahir, Castletownbere, Dingle and Cork City so far and the reaction has been powerful, so please tell your local school or venue to get in contact with us at atlanticstream@outlook.com and we will all work together to make it happen! Who knows what’s around the next corner, but it is a journey that is well worth taking together as we face the challenges to our coastal communities and to our oceans. Thank you for your support and look forward to the next step! Richie and all the ‘Atlantic’ team.

Good news for 'Atlantic'

Dear funders of ‘Atlantic’/'On the Horizon', Thank you for all the help and support in getting screenings of Atlantic to almost 100 locations around the country. We haven’t released it publically yet but RTE have agreed to broadcast the full long version ‘Atlantic’, a date and other details have yet to be agreed, but this is great news. ‘Brexit’ has suddenly made the documentary all the more relevant in the last few weeks. With Britain about to take the largest fishing grounds in Europe out of the EU, the consequences for Ireland could be massive. Depending on the political will to push for a fairer deal in Irish waters, the potential is there to right some of the wrongs of the past. However, if our politicians continue to turn their backs on the sea and coastal communities, we may see even more European super-fleets enter Irish waters and further decimate the stocks and the small quotas of Irish fishermen. In order to engage with those in power, we have emailed every TD and Senator in the country in relation to screenings local to them but the response has been very poor. In order to facilitate politicians, we booked the Audio-Visual room in Leinster House for a screening but it was subsequently cancelled by those in charge, as it was deemed too political! It is because of you that this film was made, and it belongs to you, and if there are any politicians you can email, call or talk to, please impress upon them the necessity of informing themselves about our natural resources, of managing them properly, and the consequences of Brexit on fishing. We will try again in September for a Leinster House screening, along with screening in the European Parliament in early September. On a more local, and possibly more rewarding level, ‘Atlantic’ will be on the Irish Film Institute secondary schools programme going out to every school in September, and every secondary school will have the opportunity to screen ‘Atlantic’ should they choose. Given the tie-in with the Geography and Science syllabuses, or syllabi?, this year, this could be very productive so be sure to inform any teachers you know! For upcoming screenings around the country, please see: www.theatlanticstream.com or email us on atlanticstream@outlook.com to request a screening I your community. We are finalising the artwork for the DVD and as soon as that is done we will be ready to send them out. In the mean time we are sending out the first reward to all those who funded €10 or more. Please click on the link: https://vimeo.com/158457730 password: Margiris You can view or download the video from this link. Please don’t share it with others as it would jeopradise the RTE screening and the wider distribution plan. Thank you for your patience, it has been a long, long road but the film is starting to have an impact, and at the right time. Look forward to your feedback and suggestions All the best Richie and the ‘Atlantic’ team.

'Atlantic' rewards

Hi folks, just a quick mail to follow up on rewards. We got some messages that some people didn't get an email about the screenings and invites they are entitled to. While most emails got directly to people, it is possible that your server may have diverted them to spam, which are sent out from atlanticstream@outlook.com. We will be sending out direct emails on the rest of the rewards soon, but if you haven't yet got tickets to any of our screenings, look up our screenings page: www.theatlanticstream.com/screenings and email us on atlanticstream@outlook.com More screenings are being added all the time also! We will email everybody on their particular rewards this week, and if you haven't got an email from us by the end of the week, do get back in touch. We will send out another email from the fundit system, here, on Friday. In the mean time thanks for all the support, and helping to build momentum. If you want to help put on a screening in your local town or school, let us know and we will get it to you. Also let your friends know in our other screening locations and look forward to talking before the end of the week. Check out this latest article from thejournal.ie, 60,000 views so far! http://www.thejournal.ie/risteard-o-domhnaill-atlantic-interview-2780755-May2016/ All the best from Richie and the Atlantic team

Nationwide Launch 29th April

Dear funders, Thanks for your patience, and finally we are on the verge of our ‘Atlantic’ (formerly ‘On the Horizon’) nationwide launch. It has been a long process, clearing a lot of legal hurdles because of the contentious issues arising from taking on the oil and factory fishing companies, and it has been longer and more complicated than anticipated. However, we have worked very hard to back up all claims made in the documentary, and after 4 years it’s very exciting to be launching the documentary and repaying your trust and investment. We will be emailing people separately regarding screening invites and sending out DVD’s in the next day or two. We posted the screenings confirmed so far to our website, so please help us promote the various screenigns: http://www.theatlanticstream.com/screenings You can email us on atlanticstream@outlook.com if you can offer help with a screening in your area, or if there is none, to get a screening in your community. We will have a very cool trailer ready to release in the next day or so, and the poster by Monday, and please feel free to contact people in your area or any media that can assist in getting the word out. As we have very limited resources, any help is very much appreciated. I made this documentary becuase the story of our ocean resources and our coastal communities had been largely ignored, and as an island nation with 90% of our territory under ocean, I could not understand why the Irish state turned its back on it, unlike in Norway and Newfoundland. With this film we can help change how we look at the Atlantic, and highlight how much we are losing out by not appreciating the value and beauty of what surrounds us. On top of this, the doc is going to be a cracking good watch, and I am sure you will see the heart and soul that has gone into it over the last 4 years. Here is a sneak peek at the rough cut of the trailer – still some tweaking to be done but I really want you all to know how much I appreciate your faith and trust in me, and I look forward to seeing you all at the screenings and having a right good argument! https://vimeo.com/163938093 password: Margiris (you can send it to people to view but keep it off social media until the final version is ready tomorrow) Look forward to hearing back from you Richie and all the ‘Atlantic’ crew (if you need to call me about anything I am 087 2859749)

'Atlantic' (formerly 'On the Horizon') due for launch

Dear Fundit supporter, Well here we are now, with nerves frayed and nails bitten to the quick, as we await our first festival screening of "Atlantic" this Thursday at the Audi Dublin International Film Festival! Our own premieres of "Atlantic" will take place at the Irish Film Institute, Dublin, and the EYE cinema, Galway, in early April. It has been tough going at times but we are nearly there, and really appreciate your patience. We are also busy planning a series of screenings in coastal communities, and inland of course, around the country during March and April. We sincerely hope to see you at one of these events and will keep you posted about the exact dates and times for these. If you would like to help us to organise a screening in your area then please let us know: atlanticstream@outlook.com If your support entitles you to tickets to a premiere and you haven't heard from us regarding this then please contact us – it is possible that group emails from the Outlook address could have end up in your spam folder, where this messenger through the fundit.ie system is more direct. It is all coming together now and look forward to paying back your faith in us. The value and wealth of our ocean and its resources will soon be brought to a national and international audience, thanks to you. Looking forward to a very busy few months ahead, Richie and the "Atlantic" team 'Atlantic Stream' on Facebook for more updates

'Atlantic' (formerly 'On the Horizon') nears completion

Hi folks, It's been a tough few months, and apologies for the lack of updates, but I have been frantically working on 'Atlantic' to get it finished for a February launch. In the last 2 months a lot of really good things have come together for the documentary after a lot of difficulties in the preceding months. It has been an ambitious project, bringing together these stories from Ireland, Newfoundland and Arctic Norway, but I hope you will understand why it has taken so long when you get to see the film very soon. We have been very lucky that Brendan Gleeson has got behind the project as voice over artist, and we have gained access to people and material for the documentary that will ensure 'Atlantic' will provoke a serious debate on our natural resources. We will launch dates for our premiere soon, but in the mean time we are putting together a plan for showing the film throughout Ireland, and getting it to as many towns and villages as we can. While we have enthusiastic broadcasters who are supporting the film in Norway and Canada, we have so far failed to secure an Irish broadcaster. In order to get people engaged with the film and its issues, we are looking to ask people to come on board and help bring screenings to their town, village, organisation or any venue no matter how big or small. We have got about 30 venues on board so far, but like the crowd funding, we hope to help people to put on their own screenings and advocate for the film. If you are eager to have the film shown in your area please email us on: atlanticstream@outlook.com We will also be looking for help in spreading the word around social media, contacting traditional media and interested parties, and your help will be crucial. Like the funding and production process, we are going to have to fight to get this film to an Irish audience, but it has the potential to be explosive! Next week the film will head to Norway to be sound mixed and picture graded in Tromso, Norway, following editing with Nigel O Regan (Riverside) in Galway over the past year. The completed cinema version will then be ready by the end of January, and finally, thanks to your help, the story of Ireland's natural resources will be premiered in mid February! I will follow up with more details over the next few weeks, but if you have questions, or indeed want to become involved in getting this film out to as wide an audience as possible, we could really do with any skills you can bring to the process: atlanticstream@outlook.com Exciting times ahead, and once again, thank you for your help and look forward to moving to th

Atlantic Update

Hi folks, Just a quick update on progress on ‘Atlantic’ (formerly titled On the ‘Horizon’). Sorry for the gap in contact over the past few months, and thanks for your patience. We’ve just got through a very difficult few months in negotiating with various funders and broadcasters in Ireland, Norway and Canada, and thankfully we have come out the other end and are pushing to complete the film over the next few months. We have set the bar very high with ‘Atlantic’ and are aiming for the highest standards in cinematography, narrative and investigative journalism, in order to make this a truly cinematic film which will be able compete with other films and documentaries around the world. Because of this, I have been uncompromising with the quality of the documentary and production values, the material we have been sourcing and shooting, along with the stature of contributors. I have only one chance to tell what is a huge story, covering 3 countries and the oil and fishing industries, and there never has been a more important time to tell it. There is no point just making this film for the sake of it unless it can have a real impact here at home and abroad. All across the Atlantic there has been massive changes in how we manage the resources of our shared ocean, especially in the areas where we are filming – Ireland, Newfoundland and Norway. The drop in the price of oil has dealt a tough blow to communities depending on oil jobs, the increasing industrialisation of fishing is putting fishermen in coastal communities out of business and the pressure on the undersea ecosystem is approaching a critical point, with the impacts of climate change, overfishing and seismic testing having an alarming impact on the marine environment and the coastal communities that depend on them. As a film-maker I have adapted to the evolving nature of the 3 stories in Ireland, Newfoundland and Norway, and we are now finally in a position to complete the final filming and go back into the edit. (The Pipe took a total of 5 years to shoot and edit so although finishing ‘Atlantic’ may seem inordinately long, in the context of an independent feature documentary where everything is on a shoestring, it is not unusual) Much of our time, besides filling in forms and submissions for the Irish Film Board, Canadian broadcaster CBC, the Newfoundland Film Commission and the North Norwegian Film Fund, has been spent sourcing archive material, finding musicians to compose the score, getting breath-taking aerial and underwater filming completed, investigating various practices in the oil and fishing industries which impact on our story, and making sure that the facts that we are basing the film on are rock-solid! Thank you for your patience and faith in me and ‘Atlantic’ and I assure you I will not let you down. You have been the driving force behind this project and I’ll need your help soon when it is time to launch this filming in Ireland and abroad, and hopefully you will be happy to get behind us and build up an unstoppable momentum behind changing the way we appreciate and manage our massive ocean wealth. I am always available to chat or answer questions at richie.odonnell@gmail.com or atlanticstream@outlook.com. Also please visit our facebook page on https://www.facebook.com/atlanticstream I will also around for much of the Galway Film Fleadh from the 8th – 12th July, and ‘Our Ocean Wealth’ conference in Cork on the 19th July, if anyone wants to meet up for a coffee. If anybody fancies making the trip out to Inis Oirr on the 25th and 26th July for the Féile Scannáinaíochta, I will be discussing ‘Atlantic’ and showing some material to illustrate the process and the current state of our shared ocean. Look forward to hearing back from anybody who has any questions or feedback, Richie and everybody involved in ‘Atlantic’

Update: ‘Atlantic’ production at an advanced stage

Hello funders! Our apologies for not being in touch for a while – things have been hectic at Atlantic Towers as we reach the home straight on filming and editing. We’re now half way through the edit, so as we take a break for five weeks to shoot more footage, focus on research and complete our finance and distribution plans, it’s high time we gave you an update. As always our eyes have been glued to the Atlantic, and we’ve seen some serious drama unfold of late. We’ve been tracking the largest factory trawlers fishing off the west of Ireland, and watching as the collapse of oil prices puts huge dents in Newfoundland’s economy. In Norway, the battle rages on between cod fishermen and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, as the oil majors look to strike black gold underneath the Arctic fishing grounds. Our job is to bring all this to your screens, and here’s what we’ve been up to: While the editing is being done in Ireland with Nigel “Magic Fingers” O'Regan of Riverside Television - who so masterfully cut The Pipe - the colour, grade and sound mix will all be done in Northern Norway in the coming months. The graphics, meanwhile, will be done in Newfoundland, as we work with our partners to bring the project together. All this drama needs a great score, and on the musical side we have tried to maintain the spirit of co-operation across Ireland, Newfoundland and Norway. It would be a missed opportunity not to make the most of the rich musical cultures of our Atlantic neighbours, so we have brought together three of the most talented musicians and composers crowd funding can buy, to create a soundtrack that truly frames the story we are trying to tell. We’ll have lots more on this evolving collaboration in our next update. So far we have secured external funding sources from Ireland, Newfoundland and Norway, all of which is crucial for editing, post production, high-spec aerial and underwater shooting. On top of all that, this funding will allow us to complete some final specific shooting that we have to do before we resume editing in April. In Canada, we have secured the support of national broadcaster the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, as well as the Newfoundland-Labrador Film Commission. In Ireland, the Irish Film Board has agreed to match our record-breaking crowd funding total. In Norway we have the support of the North Norwegian Film Fund and the Sparebank Award, and a decision from the Norwegian Film Institute is imminent. In short, we’ve come a long, long way in a short space of time. As we don’t like to let him get lazy, Risteard, the film’s director, is heading to the US next week to present at the Washington DC Environmental Film Festival - https:// www.dcenvironmentalfilmfest.org/film/atlantic/ - focusing on oil exploration and unsustainable fishing, both hugely contentious issues on the east coast of the US right now. It’ll be great to get the Irish perspective across to a big audience Stateside, and to share ideas with central figures in the US debate. So that’s about it from us this time but again, as ever, our sincere thanks to you. As you know, the crowd funding was the crucial part of the jigsaw. It allowed us to get the majority of the film shot, and greatly encouraged our external funders to come on board. If it wasn’t for all the hard work and generosity of people all over the country, this film would genuinely never have been made. Filming in extreme environments across three regions is not easy, but we have done it with your backing, and we look forward to airing a story which many clearly don’t want told. Until next time, remember to keep following us at http://www.theatlanticstream.com/ and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/atlanticstream for more day-to-day updates. From all the team at ‘Atlantic’.

What's going on down at 'Atlantic'?

Dear Funders, It’s been a while and we’ve been busy, but we’re writing to you now with some excellent news and some exciting new developments for the documentary. After a lengthy application to the Irish Film Board [IFB] they have offered their official support by matching financially what you helped to raise during the Fundit.ie campaign. Without your help this would not have been possible - the undeniable popularity of the campaign back in May proved to the IFB that this is a film the public wants made. In other great news the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation [CBC] has also come on board, so we are now pushing onto the next stage of filming with a huge wind in our sails. These developments have been huge, as they mean we can keep on track with the filming and archiving, employ the best personnel, and secure the best equipment for the edit. The editing will be a lengthy and expensive process, but it’s also where the film will really come into its own. We’re delighted to now be able to give it our all. As you can imagine it’s been a huge morale boost to have Atlantic backed by Ireland’s official film body and it has brought a fresh sense of enthusiasm to all the crew as they face into months of seriously challenging work. We are very much on track with production and have scheduled the last bits of filming for the end of 2014/early 2015 as expected, with the aim still being to have the film completed for mid-2015. Richie is heading back to Newfoundland this week to revisit communities affected by both fishing collapses and oil and gas booms, and to complete filming among the “forgotten Irish”. In Norway, our investigation into the battle between fishermen and Arctic oil explorers continues apace. Mic is setting the foundations for post-production by logging and reviewing all of our footage to date. Mar is continuously working with our co-producers in Norway and Canada, devising festival strategies for when the film is released. Meanwhile our researcher Brian is keeping us up to date with latest developments on everything resource-related. As for me, I’m currently kept on my toes coordinating various production elements, including filming, crew management and sourcing archive material. So that’s about it right now! Got a few minutes? Why not go to our Atlantic Stream website below to catch up and read our new blogs. All the best, Áine and the Atlantic team Fermanagh says No Fracking Way Atlantic team head off to Stormont for some healthy debate And A word from our Producer – Mar Garvey’s experience with ‘Atlantic’ www.theatlanticstream.com You can also keep up to date with the progress of the film by following us on twitter, facebook, google+ and livestream. www.facebook.com/atlanticstream www.twitter.com/AtlanticStream www.plus.google.com/u/0/+Theatlanticstream/posts www.new.livestream.com/AtlanticStream

What's happening in August for 'Atlantic'

Hello Funders! August is set to be a very busy month for the 'Atlantic' crew. The end of the summer is perfect filming time. These days the evening sun casts beautiful shadows which makes for great shots. We are busy trying to get allot of the shooting done and dusted before October when the winter sets in again. Richie headed off, with our Sony XDCAM, to Newfoundland this week. He will be there until next Sunday, working on shooting the last of our story from across the pond. He has also taken some pictures of his travels which you can see on our facebook page. Mic and Brian are busy researching the development of oil and gas interests in Ireland. Mar, our producer, is making important application deadlines to various funders and film festivals while Laura is managing all our social media. Áine, our production manager, is busy making sure everything is running as it should and the film is sailing along. Our latest blog is up on the Green Paper Energy Policy in Ireland which has received over 1200 submissions since it's publication by Pat Rabbitte, Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources. A new blog is also underway on Richie and Mar's experience at the Galway Film Fleadh in July so keep an eye out for that! Please follow the link below for a read of our latest blog... http://www.theatlanticstream.com/blog/item/22-energy-green-paper-sees-1-200-public-submissions We'll be in touch again shortly! The Atlantic Team

News from Atlantic...

Seaweed deal stinks, committee is told Údarás na Gaeltachta has been forced to deny that seaweed harvesting rights along the west coast of Ireland will be affected by its selling of seaweed company Arramara Teo to Canada's Acadian Seaplants, the Irish Times reports. for more info follow this link to our latest blog... http://www.theatlanticstream.com/blog/item/21-seaweed-deal-stinks

Extra, extra, read all about it... news from Atlantic!

**New Blogs*** **The Pipe on TG4** **New livestream Event** Dear friends and funders, The Atlantic team have been mad busy since the end of the campaign. To keep you all up to date we have been writing weekly blogs on all our shananigans. There are four so far so plenty for you to catch up on. Please follow the link below for a read: http://www.theatlanticstream.com/blog Next up, for those of you who haven't already seen The Pipe, or who would like to see it again (and who could blame you?), TG4 will be broadcasting it tomorrow Wednesday the 2nd of July at 9.35. Don't miss it! And following on from that is our next livestream event Airing Erris, episode 3 in conjunction with Afri. The topic is 'focus on policing' and will include such speakers as Gemma O'Doherty, a renowned investigate journalist, Bernard "Benny" McCabe, human rights observer and Margaretta D'Arcy, actress and peace activist. That's on this coming Sunday at 1pm. If you can't make it there in person watch it live on our livestream event page. For more info on that follow these links: https://new.livestream.com/AtlanticStream/events/3105202 http://www.theatlanticstream.com/blog/item/16-airingerris3 Enjoy! The Atlantic Team

New email address

'Atlantic' has a new email address, if you have any queries don't hesitate to drop us a message on atlanticstream@outlook.com. Regards, Aine@Atlantic

Success on our Second Fundit.ie Campaign!

Dear Funders, Six weeks ago we started a new Fundit campaign to complete the second phase of our documentary. We sent around a group email to all our 'On the Horizon' list but due to very efficient new filters on many email providers it has come to our attention that many of our previous updates and newsletters may have gone into your junk mail. We are doing our best now to rectify this. We want you with us every step of the way. So here's the low down for any of you who don't already know, and it's very exciting! First things first, 'On the Horizon' has now been changed to the name 'Atlantic'. This was the name of our most recent campaign. Even though we ran a second campaign this does not effect your status as a funder in any way. You will still receive your newsletters, you will still receive your rewards and you are still very much a part of this film. The only difference is now we have a bigger family and more people who believe in our project. For our new campaign our original target was €25,000. It was a little slow in the beginning but the momentum quickly built up through media coverage, fundraising gigs and debates held all over the country. Richie was interviewed on lots of national media such as Newstalk and Vincent Browne. In the end we blew our target and made a whopping €40,000. We are overwhelmed and humbled by the outstanding show of support for what we are trying to do. We thank you one more for your support on 'Atlantic' and look forward to going into the next phase together. Regards, Richie and the 'Atlantic' team.

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