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North Circular Road

By Donal Nugent


North Circular Road is a feature film written by award-winning writer Donal Nugent (www.donalnugent.com) and co-directed by Paul Heary

The film brings together an ensemble cast of established and up-and-coming actors in a clever and engaging comedy/drama that promises one of the best twists in recent movie history.

The film tells the story of Janice and Matthew, a young couple about to buy their dream home on Dublin’s North Circular Road. Janice is one of Ireland’s best-known weather forecasters. Having been through some difficult times, she is now trying to getting her personal and professional life back together.

Her sense of progress comes to an abrupt halt, however, when she encounters ghosts in her new home. Soon she finds a chilling drama being played out before her, as previous owner Peter psychologically tortures his wife and attempts to drive her to suicide.

Janice’s quest to understand what is happening ultimately forces her to come to terms with the secrets and evasions in her own life.

North Circular Road is at once a chilling drama exploring the depths of human behaviour and a warm, redemptive comedy with a message of love at its core.

The film will commence principal photography in late July/early August and is seeking to raise funds to support both our production and post-production costs.

This is a film that those involved feel compelled to make – and with your support the potential of this truly original story will be realised. If you want to put your footprint on the Irish film industry this year, put it on the North Circular Road!



Thanks to all new funders

Thank you to all our new funders for your contributions. They are very much appreciated! Paul and Donal

Thanks to Judy Donovan

Sincere thanks to Judy Donovan for her contribution to the film. Thanks Judy! If nothing else you are guaranteed to be an extra in this film. many thanks again! :-)

Thanks to new contributors

Thanks to Arnaud and Lukasz for their contributions. Extremely appreciated and will help a lot! Paul and Donal :-)

Thanks to our first contributor

Thank you to our first contributor. Very much appreciated and very exciting! From Donal and Paul :-)

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