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No Party For Billy Burns

By Padraig Conaty


The Summary...

Billy Burns(Kevin McGahern) is a simple young fellow with a wild imagination and a passion for Cowboy films. He lives with his reclusive grandfather (Shane Connaughton) on the outskirts of town, and believes the old man was once a famous gunslinger. Left out by his friends, Billy relies on his imagination and love of working on the land to get him by. An infatuation with a local friends girlfriend finds Billy in a tangle and vilified by the only people who would tolerate him, and when he comes home one day to find his grandfather dead on the kitchen floor, Billy's imagination gets the better of him and he heads into town with his gun.

My intention with the film is to present the mundanity young people experience in a rural town and the various methods they use to find catharsis. Through the main character Billy, I want to show how the imagination can both struggle and thrive under such conditions, with a little help from our obsession with American culture!

The film is set to be shot in Co Cavan this Summer, and we are assembling a wonderful cast of locals as well as actors from further afield.

Why we need your help...

Your pledge will contribute towards the feeding and transport of a voluntary cast and crew throughout a two week shoot,(Good foddering is one of the most important factors in maintaining a happy and productive crew, especially when they are working purely for the love of their craft!)

You will also be promoting the talents of local artists both in front of and behind the camera, and endorsing our regional voice within a community of indigenous filmmakers.

The Cavan region is rich with great characters and stories and it is time we developed our own voice to tell the world about them.

Thank you for reading, we hope to see you at the premiere!



Screening date 13th July 6.30pm at Galway Film Fleadh

Hello Funders, Galway are announcing this evening their programme for features at this years festival. We believe that the tickets are going to be going on sale tomorrow. We are planning to block buy twenty or so, out of the 70 available. The venue is a bit meager, so tickets could go pretty quick. The tickets we are buying are mainly for cast and crew, but we are unsure about numbers at this point. If anyone is interested in coming to watch it but cant get a ticket through Fleadh's website, get in touch with me through my email, or give me a call, I love to talk. Otherwise, we are planning on doing a cast and crew screening in the Lighthouse cinema shortly after Galway, and we would love to see a packed audience at that. And obviously, a Cavan premiere to follow too. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for our new teaser trailer which will be going live very shortly. https://www.facebook.com/billyburnsmovie/ Hope to see you at the Film Fleadh. Thanks Padraig. padraig.conaty@gmail.com 0879042356

Billy Burns Premiere at Galway Film Fleadh

Hello old friends, Just a quick update to say that No Party for Billy Burns has been selected for the Galway Film Fleadh this year. We have no dates or venue set yet, but I will share as soon as we get them. Not sure if il be able to back up the premiere ticket promise, as I kind of figured that would be in Cavan, and people buying up tickets for the Galway premiere will create demand which will help our case for the better venue. We done our first test screening last night in Dublin and thing s are looking very positive. Would be great to see you at the premiere, Only took 6 years eh... Thanks P

Update on edit.

Hi funders, Long time no see. Despite best efforts, the edit has been a bit of a drag for a ong time, though we are over a major hump and things are moving into gear now, with a new confidence in the shape of the scenes and having nailed down one of the most essential elements this film was always going to rely on: music. Keeping things as local as possible has always been the plan, just coz, you know, xenaphobia and that, but I have hooked up with a couple of very special musicians that creat very diferent types of music, but that this film will bring together. One is a man called Dave Colohan, from Ballymahon in Longford, with about fifteen years experience in the left field Neo-folk scene, his music is very windswept, very cinematic. an example of what he does: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd7BezTHWPc The other musician is a country singer/songwriter called Kevin Logue. I was searching since the beginning of the production for suitable country (decent Americana style, not Nerney) from a local (free) source and have struck gold meeting Kevin, who only a young man, has penned songs for many top country lads, though he himsef is a great singer. So with the songs of local man Michael O'Rourke covering Billy's 'inner soliloquy', the ambient, downbeat work from Dave, and cheery melancholy of the country stuff, Im delighted and confident that by the end of this month, when we have all 150 odd scenes 'fine' cut, we will have the right music there to help cement the whole thing together. As the edit closes to a finish, I will update again with news on how the overall film is looking, God only knows how thats going to go, for now though i can only say that the scenes are all looking great. Thanks again folks.

Preview clip

Hi folks, Last weekend we had another fundraiser in a nearby town so i assembled some short clips from some of the footage so far for everybody who came along. Well the DVD player didnt work on the night, so im going to post it online for a short period for everyone who has kindly helped us out so far. Just so you can get a wee glimpse of what we are actually doing. Now this isnt a trailer, its just a preview clip, with no dialogue, to a song that was sent to me by a local man called Michael O'Rourke that i think you will agree sort of sits in nicely with the tone im going for, well see what you think. On that note, If you know anyone or you yourself have some recorded material id be delighted to hear some stuff, as you never know what might stick, and we will get it rerecorded for the final master of the film. Again, this all helps keep the film as subsistent to the area as possible. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByvDYnXQ3W4

Long awaited update folks.

Hey folks. Sorry to keep you waiting. As of now, we have wrapped shooting the first leg of the shoot, ten gruelling days at the end of September. Everything went very well though and we are delighted with the footage we are seeing. We have a great crew on board who have really concentrated their skills and have made great contributions to the project. They are also very happy with the food they are being fed, I must say it has been a god send on some of the heavier days to have moral lifted. So thanks again to you guys and my mother for some awesome cooking. We had to divide up the shoot because some of the crew were getting work on another (paid) job through October. So we opted to shoot all the night exteriors and interiors in November. Gunna be cold...

Half way there, well almost.

Thanks again to everybody who has pledged so far. Our first days shooting is going to be at the American Wild West Festival in Arva the weekend after next. Our protagonist, Billy Burns finds his spiritual Mecca. This will go in at the latter end of the film. From there its going to be ful steam ahead with prepping the actors, securing locations and more prepping the actors before our main shoot late in the Summer, date as yet to be confirmed. We'l keep y'all posted on how things are developing. Thanks again, Padraig

Great start!

Hey guys, cannot thank you all enough for your pledges. Hope we can sustain this steady pace and we will have our film!! Please help us spread the word by letting people know that a small amount pledged goes along way to helping us hit that target. cheers, Padraig


Thanks for the pledge, means a lot to be supported.

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