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Night Of The Living Dead

By The Devious Theatre Company


We will perform a brand new stage version of George A. Romero’s classic horror from 24th – 28th July at the Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny. It will be the first time any version of the work has been performed in Ireland.

The original 1968 movie is regarded as one of the most seminal horror movies of all time and regarded as the template for political commentary in horror cinema. It also gave birth to what has become known as the ‘zombie’ genre of movies.

Our production is written by John Morton and Connie Walsh and uses the original script by George A. Romero and John A. Russo as a jumping off point. It has been transposed from a farmhouse in rural Philadelphia in 1968 to a ghost estate in the south east of Ireland in 2012. It tells the story of a group of disparate strangers, trapped in an abandoned house after an unknown incident causes the dead to come back and attack the living.

The country is dying and dying fast. Able bodied young people are emigrating in droves. Their elders are barely surviving, just waiting and watching as things go from bad to worse. Families are falling apart. No homes, no money, no prospects: ripped apart as units and if they're really unlucky, limb from limb. The undead are the only ones rallying together in this country. And soon there's going to be more of them than there is us.

This new theatrical version uses the story to examine present day issues in a fear-gripped modern day Ireland. Like the original movie, it is a darkly comic satire that depicts the capacity for horrific acts in normal people during times of crisis.

Devious Theatre have been making alternative theatre for young audiences since 2006. We don’t repeat ourselves much. Our last body of work was the In The Future When All’s Residency which turned Kilkenny Arts Office into a theatre for 7 months. We performed the shows Scratcher (The Theatre Machine Turns You On: Vol II), Shifting and Smitten (Solstice, Cork Midsummer Festival). Other works include our Dario Fo Season (2009/10), the PPI award winning new radio version of The War Of The Worlds (2009) and the Irish stage premiere of Cannibal! The Musical (2007).

We first started actively developing this play during our In The Future When All’s Well residency in 2011. It continues our vein of work that explores the modern Irish experience for a younger, angrier, hungrier generation. Night Of The Living Dead encapsulates a lot of the themes and ideas that interest us in theatre and that have informed our work for the past five years. But with more zombies.

Money raised goes towards costs of our production design, set design, make up, costume, props and realising the potential of such an iconic work on the Irish stage in an exciting new, large scale production.



Watch Night Of The Living Dead Highlights Now

Good morning from Devious Towers*!

While it has been some months since the dust has settled on Night Of The Living Dead, the work on the show post-production has continued and this weekend we were delighted to release a two minute-ish highlight reel from the show, recorded at the Watergate Theatre in Kilkenny.

If you were there and you made it on one of the five performance nights, you may remember it well - if you didn't, then here's a look at what you missed.

Watch on YouTube: http://youtu.be/DmFkzxI5bms

You may need to copy and paste the above link ^^^ into your web browser / mobile

We're keeping ourselves busy on all matters theatre for 2013 but we'll be back shortly with another little treat from Night Of The Living Dead that's not yet in the public domain.

Our sincerest thanks again for helping to fund what has been our biggest undertaking to date. If you have any questions on Night Of The Living Dead, the production, the process, the aftermath, or ever fancy meeting for a cup of tea, please drop us an email to info@devioustheatre.com.

Yours in Deviousness,

All at DTC.

*We don't actually have a tower. At time of writing, our base of operations is very much in a basement. Ground floor -2. Some day we'll have a tower.

Opening Night Almost Upon Us

Good evening from the depths of the Watergate Theatre in Kilkenny where we're just about to kick off our final rehearsal for Night Of The Living Dead, opening tomorrow night and running until Saturday. By now, everyone has been contacted and re-contacted about tickets for the show (those of you whose rewards included tickets) so here's an update on all the rewards for funding Night Of The Living Dead. 1. Tickets - Opening Night -- As the show opens tomorrow (Tuesday 24 July), there are still a number of people who haven't yet confirmed their attendance in Kilkenny. If you are going to attend the opening night of the show with your opening night ticket(s), and have not yet replied to your invitation email, could you please let us know by tomorrow afternoon. We have also been able to accommodate a number of 'swaps' for people though please note that this is subject to availability. If you haven't requested an exchange ticket before the show opens tonight, we won't be able to accommodate an exchange. 2. Tickets Any Night -- For those with tickets to any night of the production who have not yet replied, you can still contact us to arrange tickets though with show week upon us, these tickets are now subject to availability on the night of performance and must be confirmed in advance. 3. Drinks Rewards -- Those whose rewards include beverages at the interval on opening night will receive a slip with your Fund it tickets for to be handed in at the bar. These rewards are available for the opening night only. 4. Physical Rewards -- Those whose rewards include signed scripts, poster sets etc. will have these items delivered post-show, with requests for address details going out on the week commencing 30 July. 5. Digital Rewards -- Those whose rewards include a copy of the special edition soundtrack will be given a unique code to claim your copy of the soundtrack on the week commencing 30 July. 6. It's Show Time... -- It is show time. The work is done, the rehearsals are in, the lights are up, the sound is, well, sounding, and we're ready to rock and roll in Kilkenny. If you require additional tickets for any night of the performance, tickets can be purchased from the Watergate Theatre box office by calling 056 7761674 or online via WatergateTheatre.com The box office is available for walk-in tickets from 10am daily and walk-in tickets may be available on performance nights also. If anyone has any questions about any of the rewards or tickets, then please don't hesitate to contact us by mail on info@devioustheatre.com. Check out the shot-for-shot re-enactment of the opening sequence of the original movie now on NightOfTheLivingDead.ie, something to whet your appetite before hitting the theatre this week. And finally, thanks to you again for help making this all possible. We should have included everyone in the programme, but if we didn't, let us know and we'll shout it from the rooftops! See you soon! The Cast & Crew of Night Of The Living Dead

We Made It, Now We're Making It

Good morning from a very wet Devious Theatre HQ in Kilkenny. It's been a few weeks now since the deadline on our first Fund it campaign passed successfully, all thanks to you, your involvement, support and belief in the work we're doing for Night Of The Living Dead. So what happens now? Well, just like Santa Claus, we've been given a list of everyone who has funded the project and the rewards they're due so we'll be getting in touch with everyone shortly in terms of tickets, bookings and other goodies. We've also commenced rehearsals and in the time since our last update, we've shot more promotional images and posters, some of which have gone online already and more of which we'll be doing this weekend if the rain holds off. Rehearsals have been going quite well. There are some new faces in the mix on this production (it's always good to keep things fresh), everyone blending quite well and giving it their all as John (director) and David (asst director) get to put the cast through their paces. Again, our sincerest of thanks to all of you who funded this project at every level. We'll be keeping you up to speed on things here through Fundit.ie right up to the show opening in July. You can also keep up with what's happening behind the scenes by checking out http://nightofthelivingdead.ie or by finding us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/devioustheatre. Finally, to our Cork friends and supporters, we'll be seeing you in two weeks time as we bring Phantasm to Solstice as part of Cork Midsummer Festival. If you're knocking around Cork on June 27th or 30th, drop in to say hi! ^ Ken

Funded! There Will Be Blood!

With four days to go as of last night (Thursday), we're delighted to say that with YOUR help, we've reached our fundraising goal of €5,000 for Night Of The Living Dead - and we've reached it ahead of time!! This means, of course, there will be blood on stage in Kilkenny this July, and lots of it. Of course, the funds raised thus far (and there is still time to get involved and snag some of our cool rewards) aren't just going to blood or special effects, but the entire show on a whole. While we've been fundraising online, we've been actively doing the same offline to meet our budget requirements for Night Of The Living Dead. What this €5,000 means now is that we can produce 1. The biggest show we've ever staged 2. The bloodiest show we've ever staged 3. Dare we say it, the best show we've ever staged. To the 116 of you (and those wishing to remain anonymous), from the bottom of our Devious hearts you have our thanks for both believing in this project and most importantly, taking that extra step to commit financially to the project. We can't wait to get your rewards up and going! With three days left to go, any additional funds that are raised before the deadline will be seen as a complete bonus and equally will go directly into the production and staging of the Irish premiere of Night Of The Living Dead. Guess we'll be seeing all y'all in Kilkenny this July. Don't forget to use the #livingdead hash tag if you're that way inclined. Yours in Deviousness, Ken, Connie, John (that'll be us seen left to right in the video on fundit.ie) and all the cast and crew of Night Of The Living Dead. PS: If you've got any questions or comments on the whole fundit process or any element of the production, don't be afraid to drop us a line - info@devioustheatre.com and keep an eye on NightOfTheLivingDead.ie for more updates!

Many Days Later, Six Days To Go

With six days left to go on our first ever Fundit campaign for our *biggest* ever stage production, we've been bowled over by the recent surge in support resulting in a pledge total at time of writing of €3,835.00 and 91 of you having pledged your support. We've been busying ourselves as well since we've last spoken. We've seen the concept designs and model (yes, an actual model) for our stage design, we've been cranking up the promo, arranging photo shoots and best of all, we've committed the final draft of Night Of The Living Dead which has gone to print. On Sunday coming we gather all of the cast and crew in Kilkenny for a full day of photos as well as the first all-hands readthrough before rehearsals kick off inside the next fortnight. Of course, on Sunday, it would be great to be even closer to our €5,000 target. We know it's lot to raise, but we've got an incredible amount to give and this is genuinely going to be our biggest and boldest project to date. We thought Cannibal! The Musical!! (another first for Ireland) was going to be big, we though Trainspotting was going to be bigger still, we thought our Dario Fo season in 2009/2010 was going to be big - and they all were - but Night Of The Living Dead, with your support, is going to rock like we've never rocked a show before. There's still time to get involved so if you can help spread the word more, share the project link on Facebook, Twitter, by mail, tell a friend, tell a family member, tell your local zombie hunter, every little helps. The link itself is http://www.fundit.ie/project/night-of-the-living-dead and we've a little over €1,000 left to raise before Monday. Hopefully we'll all cross the finish line together and we can't wait to have you along in Kilkenny this July for the start of something very, very special. Much love, The Devious Theatre Company

27 Days Later

As we settle into the May Bank Holiday weekend, we're delighted to have passed the €2,000 mark in recent days and as we type, we're almost at the 50% mark. Since our last update, we've had the cast and crew together to dissect the script before the finished version arrives in a few days time. We've also seen the first scale model of the set for Night Of The Living Dead and we've no doubt it's one of the most exciting sets we've had to work with since we started in 2006. We've got just over two weeks now to hit our €5,000 target. To those who have pledged their support already, thank you so much. Having people believe in the project as much as we do will only serve to make things amazing come July. If you've been holding off on pledging your support to Night Of The Living Dead, we'd love you to get involved and help turn our vision of this show - an Irish premiere - into a glowing reality. Once the bank holiday passes, we're hard into pre-production mode with meetings lined up for costume, makeup, set design and more before all the troops get rallied in a fortnight to get a look at the final script and start the rehearsal process. If you think you know others who might like to get involved in the project, please do spread the word and help us hit our target. Much love, The Devious Theatre Company

16 Days Later

This week we've finally cracked the €1,000 mark on Night Of The Living Dead funds, which has been great. With 24 days left, we're really going to amp up the campaign even more and get the word out there. We've a lot more work to do before we hit our target! What has been great so far has been seeing the pledges and support from everyone, it's really meant a lot to us and it has validated our faith in the project too. This week we officially start into active pre-production on the play. The set design is coming in, we're signing off on the script, schedules are being made and the designers are cementing their ideas. It's exciting stuff and we're so thankful to the people who have so far become part of it. Keep spreading the word, drumming up support and help us hit that target!

5 Days Later

After our first 5 days, we've raised nearly €600 which has been fantastic. If we can maintain that pace over the next 36 days, we'll hit our target with a bit of style. Thanks to everyone who has come on board at the beginning and spread the word on our campaign. Your support and contributions mean the world to us. Please keep spreading and let this thing infect the populace!

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