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Niall Teague and The Fast Company Album

By Niall Teague


This project will support the completion of a new album by Niall Teague and The Fast Company.

Work began in January 2016 with well known Galway sound engineer Ed Kenehan. The recording includes songs and music with Irish and American folk music influences. I am using crowdfunding to support the final recording sessions. It will also support mixing, editing and mastering costs as well as the production of the finished CD. 


In order to achieve the best possible result with these recordings I would like to mix the tracks in a professional recording studio such as Greenfields in County Galway. For mastering I have approached Iain Hutchinson famed for his work on the BBC’s Transatlantic Sessions. This progamme and its music are a big influence on the album.


Supporters of this project will be kept informed of advances in the new album via social media as well as a dedicated page on the Bands website www.niallteagueandthefastcompany.com.

I am a full time professional musician, and lucky to be so. It is my ambition to use my position to the best of my ability and to always endeavour to create new and interesting music and song. I have recorded and had successful airplay throughout Ireland and the UK and have embarked on several successful tours. The Fast Company group has an emphasis on good songwriting and musical arrangement with broad musical influences from Planxty to The Band. Our music continues to develop with the many styles present in today's Irish folk music scene.

If successful funds will be used for the following:
Mixing at Green Fields Recording Studio 
Mastering by Iain Hutchinson of Glowworm Studios 
Sound Engineers Fee for final recording sessions and editing/mixing
Musicians fees 
CD Art work and Graphic design

Total 3500

I have recorded and been involved in the recording of several albums and feel I have gained experience which will help in overcoming any issues in completing this project. In bringing the album so far I have shown that I am capable of successfully managing a project such as this and I look forward to sharing this new music.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my project I greatly appreciate your time and support.

Niall Teague