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New Street Gardens Project

By New Street Gardens Waterford


A new street garden with a festival feel:

The New Street Gardens Project is about bringing greenery and life back into a vacant and disused space in Waterford City. It is a community based initiative and as such is a non for profit venture.

Over the last few years, many disused and derelict sites have sprung up around Waterford City. New Street Gardens Project is about using one of these sites as a gathering point to show off the best in music, art, theatre, film, design, sculpture, sport and much more. There will be over a hundred scheduled free events and many pop up events running from June to November.

The New Street site land had previously been intended for the building of a Super duper Market but for the next five years it will become a garden blooming in flowers and ideas, for the people, built by the people. Its proximity to the main street in Waterford i.e. Michael St, which happens to lie in a part of Waterford, that for a number of reasons in recent years has been neglected. We hope that by building a park on this empty lot that this may become another stepping stone in the regeneration of the area.

We are encouraging people living and working in the area, local schools, community, horticultural and arts groups to get involved at different stages of the garden build. This sense of ownership can help, we believe, to generate positivity and pride in the community, the city and its inhabitants. Also, we would hope the project will raise a positive profile of Waterford as a city.

Local businesses, gardening groups and individuals, have up until now been kind enough to sponsor us with materials and guidance which has helped get this project off the ground. People from all corners of the community have been helping us gather the different elements needed to build the park such as electrics, paths etc. In terms of structures, we are building a performance stage and a film screening area in the gardens.

But now....we have reached the stage where we need your help.
The monies we are hoping to raise will help us get the remaining supplies, tools and materials we need to finish the park and maintain it throughout the five month programme of scheduled events Including, movies with live accompaniment, Go-Karting Road Races from Mayors Walk to New Street for big kids and small, Kids theatre, live gigs, guest DJ sets, giant chess tournaments, Archery, Art exhibitions etc etc.

New Street Gardens has already gathered a strong momentum and we hope you will support us in what we believe is a worthwhile project.