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By Murmurations


A Murmuration is the collective term for starlings. Those interminably large mass movements that you see sometimes enveloping the skyline, heaving and flowing in magnificent formations, epitomising the eloquent and the beautiful. In their hundreds of thousands, birds in these mass movements bob and glide as a singular entity.

Music can be a murmuration. That same intuition that moves starlings in nature is often at the heart of the most emotive musical performances.

"Murmurations" is a project that will put the right musicians in the right place with our songs under the right pressure in order to create something truly special.

We want to capture the essence of that “lightning-in-a-bottle” energy that depends on musicians being intuitive to each other in a live pressurised setting. We invited a select group of the finest musicians from around the country and asked Grouse Lodge, which houses one of the the best live rooms and recording equipment in the country, to get involved. They did. So we chose a selection of new songs which we had written and decided that recording them in this kind of a way, spontaneously and organically, was going to give us the chance of producing something special - music performance that brims with energy and unity.

Kinvara singer, John Conneely and I (Peadar King) will provide the songs and our band will be made up of some of the most gifted musicians that we have played with over the past decade.

So we will set off to Grouse Lodge on the 6th of January for 4 days of recording. Every night we will set up to play a full live concert, in one of the most creative atmospheres in the country and record it. The resulting music will form the project album “Murmurations”

However, a project like this has expenses. Although Grouse lodge have kindly offered their studio to us for the production -paying the engineer, catering (€500 a day for 12 musicians and crew), travel expenses, cameraman, mixing, mastering, production and artwork will amount to over €6000.

Below, you can find a number of rewards that you will receive in return for your support. Pledges range from €10 to €2000 for artwork, CD and MP3 albums, to house concerts. This project is a group one, and that includes all of you. If you want to be part of making this album, please participate by pledging.
Thank you all so much for watching and I hope that you’ll get involved through our fundit campaign

Peadar, John and all the crew at Murmurations



So we made it!

Thank you to everyone who helped us reach our target for the album. The support was truly overwhelming. We are hard at work mixing the tracks at the moment and we hope to have all of your rewards ready by the end of April. We are so happy with how the recording went and we look forward to hearing what you think once you hear it! This project really wouldn't have been possible without your help. You have all helped to create something special. Thank you for being part of this... ;)

Final Day at Grouse Lodge

It's been a very busy few days here in Grouse Lodge and we are close to hitting our recording target for the album. We would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported us so far. It's really encouraging to see the support that is out there for this kind of project and it's giving us loads of inspiration to get this first stage completed. Over the next 11 days we need to raise €4,000 so please keep on sharing the link and letting as many people as possible know about it. Once again, a massive THANK YOU from everyone here in rainy Grouse Lodge Studios...We are humbled by your continued support. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAORz00HuBs&feature=youtu.be

10% Funded

Hey everybody! Thanks to everyone who has pledged support to get us over the 10% marker! We have 15 days left to raise the rest of the funds, so please, if you haven't already done so, pre-order an album on our fundit campaign today ...:) Again - thanks to everyone for all your amazing support.

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