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Mr. Donkey

By Rising Film Productions


Hey everyone, Mr. Donkey’s back! This is our second submission to help create our comedy series, as we are determined to make our long-eared friend the star he deserves to be! We very much appreciated everyone’s support for our last submission, which though we didn’t reach our target, has helped raise great publicity for our project. So this time round we have dropped our target significantly so that we can reach our goal and still make a great episode!

To do this we will be paying for much of the production and post-production costs out of our own pockets such as catering, hiring an edit suite, distribution costs and organizing the premiere. Mr. Donkey will also be performing at the AMI on the 18th of March so we will be paying for all equipment and crew hire for that scene.

The €2,000 we hope to raise will go towards some of the production costs for the further scenes, such as equipment hire (€826), crew hire (€600), as well as post audio work (€450). We are very confident in this project and both the cast and crew have been putting a lot of hard work in to help make this happen. With your support we promise to make a great pilot episode that will lead to further Mr. Donkey adventures. Let’s get this donkey cantering again!

In this episode...
Brendan finds himself being followed by a cheap documentary crew who are doing a piece on deranged ex-convicts. Along the way Brendan befriends an eager, but clueless, agent called Antonius. Once Antonius sees Mr. Donkey's potential, he promises him a shot at the big time! Unfortunately, little to Brendan or the crew's knowledge, Antonius has failed to get Brendan into the Eurovision or The X Factor and instead has entered him into the next best thing. The Alternative Miss Ireland Contest! Brendan must rise to the occasion and deliver a cracking, musical performance as he find himself entangled with Antonius' violent ex wife, the drag queen mafia, a flamboyant 70's dance instructor and a miss matched show piece band!

We are Rising Film Productions, a new film company dedicated to making original and off the wall comedies, headed by Christian Kotey and Jonathan Clancy. Christian Kotey is moving into film from theatre directing, with his last play End of the Line being performed at the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival and the Belfast Fringe Festival. He began his career in storytelling through comic books, working for marvel and illustrating self-created comic books such as DNA Swamp.

The webisode stars some of the best up and coming talents in Dublin, including Paul Butler-Lennox (Hardy Bucks), Lynn Rafferty (The Arrival), Tristan Heanue (Runner), and Kenneth Fox (The Arrival), as well as experienced voice over artist and actor Morgan C Jones (Separation Anxiety, The Ugly Duckling and Me, The Katherine Lynch Show).

If we reach our target, we intend to hold the premiere this June - a guaranteed summer blockbuster!



Mr. Donkey performing at The Button Factory

Monsieur Donkey and his merry band will be performing this Sunday at the Button Factory for a charity gig. Be sure to check out our little ass in action!

Mr. Donkey's newest song online

Mr. Donkey's latest song 'Man in the Mask' is now online! Have a listen and tell your friends, particularly those who like 70s soft rock or disco! http://soundcloud.com/dola55/man-in-the-mask

Mr. Donkey's performance at The Olympia

Hey everyone! Mr. Donkey gave a cracking performance at the ol' Olympia Theatre on Sunday! Check out the pics on our facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mr-Donkey/220831161339844?ref=ts

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