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Mongrel City: debut album by Carol Keogh

By Carol Keogh


The aim of this project is to raise funds to record my debut solo album, Mongrel City. I’ve been writing and performing for many years with bands like The Plague Monkeys and The Tycho Brahe. Now it’s time for me to write my own name on the wall and I’m hoping you’ll hold my hand while I do it.

The album material has been written, rehearsed and in some cases demo-ed, with my band, The City Fathers, and we’re now ready to roll into the studio and record the real deal. We want to get into a big live room and make some beautiful noise with some great vintage equipment, but unfortunately big live rooms don’t come cheap. Also, we’ll be working with a brilliant producer and bringing in some fantastic guest musicians. Then the album will be mixed and mastered to the highest quality and manufactured with beautiful packaging.

So the bulk of the money raised will be spent on getting the record made to the best specifications, and if there’s anything leftover it will be put towards marketing the album for self-release.

The songs for the album were largely inspired by my hometown of Dublin, though not exclusively so. Songs like Forty Foot and Grand Parade will be supplemented by songs about other places, such as Austin City Limits and London Song. You can hear snippets from some of the songs in demo form and from live radio sessions in the video. You can also find out more about some of the places that were the inspiration behind the songs.

I’ve put together a variety of reward packages including the album in digital download, CD and limited vinyl formats. I’m also offering a handwritten and handcrafted lyrics booklet, which will explain how the songs came about and the meaning behind the words. There are a number of opportunities to book Carol Keogh and The City Fathers for live performances, specifically in your home or place of business, and there is an exclusive chance to appear on the album as a group vocalist and be credited for your participation.

As well as songwriting, I am also a painter. I have recently been working on a series of oil paintings about the threat of oil exploration off the coast of Dublin Bay. But I intend to create works specifically for the individual funder. You might also like to commission a dedicated poem or a song, Perhaps you’d like if you and I could write a song together? These are all available as part of the reward packages here, as well as top quality merchandise like t-shirts and badges.

So, I hope you’ll watch my video and like what you see and hear and that you’ll be inspired by the reward packages to invest in what will be a really great album, For more information on me and my work, and for future updates on the Fundit campaign, go to www.carolkeogh.ie.

Mongrel City will be released in Spring 2013.