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By Tara Breathnach


‘Molly’ is a provocative new adaptation of Joyce’s final soliloquy in Ulysses that will run at the Galway Theatre Festival on April 21st and 22nd.
Molly lies awake, plagued by insomnia, wind and her husband’s snoring, and bares her soul as she questions her life choices.

This vibrant presentation reveals the woman behind the oft-misrepresented caricature; earthy and witty yet vulnerable and sensual. A caustic wit is matched with searing honesty in her night-time musings.

Although written over a hundred years ago, her voice connects with a contempory audience as she questions the role assigned to women and asserts her right to sexual and personal fulfillment, and laments lost ambitions as a result of life choices- indeed one may question whether anything has changed? She is uninhibited in sharing her innermost uncensored thoughts with the audience and the piece is ultimately a celebration of our common humanity.

Closely based on James Joyce's wife Nora, who was a Galwegian, Molly Bloom is here liberated from the weight of literature in a fresh and revealing portrayal.

''yes I said yes I will Yes''

Tara Breathnach is an IFTA nominated actress who works widely on stage and screen in both English and as Gaeilge. She is well known for roles in Ros na Rún and Jack Taylor.
Petal Pilley (director)is an established actress and director and is the artistic director of Blue Teapot Theatre company. Under her direction, the Teapots have produced 'Waiting for Elvis', 'Sanctuary',which has now been made into a feature film.
Our experienced production crew comprises Mike Byrne (lighting) Judith Wolfe (production manager) Conor Nolan (set design and construction).
We are all based in Galway and are committed to collaborating on this project to bring 'Molly' to the Galway Theatre Festival.

We have applied for some funding from the usual official sources and are putting our own time unpaid into this show during our rehearsal period. Costs so far have been covered by digging into our own pockets but there will be unavoidable expenses to bring 'Molly' to stage.

Thanks to Galway Theatre Festival we have our venue free of charge but there are still essential expenses to cover bringing 'Molly' to the stage- lighting, set design and construction, costume, poster design and printing. Your support will help with these costs and allow some payment to our crew for all their hard work!

We are working together in the free time we don't have in order to bring the best possible show we can to the stage, juggling with other paid working commitments. Its a labour of love and we are passionate about the project. Galway Theatre Festival is providing significant support but with your help, we can cover costs and create a high quality show that will in future be able to tour nationally.

We appreciate your support in helping to bring Molly to the stage and are preparing some unique and wonderful rewards in return! Thank you for taking the time to read and view our project. Míle buíochas!