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mister ebby - Wires

By Mister Ebby


I'm a pianist and writer of chamber pop songs and piano pieces. I've been recording an album using a studio in Dublin that has a beautiful acoustic piano.

The songs aren't all about my own life - some are inspired by novels, films, and invented characters. Others are definitely about people I've loved, and friends I've known. And my love /hate relationship with Galway city, my home town, is another strong feature.

I've been writing since my teens, but always focusing on playing piano for other people's music projects more than my own. Recently, however, I've devoted my energy to recording and performing my own music, and it has definitely been a more rewarding experience.

In the video on this page, you can hear the wonderfully quirky piano I have at home, and hear how it's not really suitable for going the home recording route, and besides, I'm not a skilled enough engineer to get the kind of sound from a piano that I want, so I decided on using a professional studio. But it's definitely working well, and I'm very happy with the progress made so far. It's more expensive, but it is worth it to give these songs the sound they deserve.

That video gives you some clips of the piano riffs from the record too. If you follow me on twitter, soundcloud or facebook, or keep an eye on my blog, you might get to hear some short previews of the tracks as they get finished in the studio.

The money raised through :fund:it will cover the costs of studio time with the engineer, professional mixing and mastering, and any other costs directly related to the process of recording and duplicating the album.

"condemned to wires and hammers, strike every chord that you feel, that broken trees and elephant ivories conceal" - joni mitchell - 'THe Judgement Of The Moon And Stars (Ludwig's Tune)'



Cds are being sent out.

A big batch of the CDs were sent earlier this week, so hopefully those of you who pledged for a reward that included a copy of the physical album who have also sent me your addresses, will start to find the album in your post boxes! If you've not already sent me your address, you'll probably find an email from me detailing how to send it to me, but just in case, you can email me at ebby@misterebby.com with your postal address if you're one of the few who've not gotten around to it yet. But don't worry - I'll probably contact you directly about it if I'm down to just a handful of people left still needing their copy to be sent out. In case you missed it, you can see a little behind the scenes video about how the covers for the funders handmade edition were screen printed: https://vimeo.com/41702477 Things have been much slower than anticipated, but hopefully the final result will be worth it in the end. mister ebby

CDs have arrived

CDs finally arrived yesterday, so now postal addresses are needed. If you have already sent me your address, then there's no need to bother with this email really, as I have your address on file, but I said I'd email it just in case - as I know these mailouts don't have the best chance with some spam filters, so I'll be reminding people through my website too. But, the CDs have finally arrived back from the manufacturer, and this weekend the print artist is making her handmade covers to go with the printed ones that are a limited edition just for Fundit Funders, and won't be available in any shop. So, all things going to plan the CDs should start being posted out from early next week. (crossing fingers that there are no further setbacks) But yes, please do email ebby [at] misterebby [dot] com with your postal address for me if you haven't already done so. If you have any trouble you can alternately contact me directly through twitter: @misterebby I hope the new year is treating you all well. ebby

check your emails

You should hopefully have a download code there to get your copy of the record before anyone else gets to hear it. I hope you like it. mister ebby

Keep an eye on your emails!

We are hitting into the last stages of the project, and launch gigs are being booked, artwork being finished off, extra voices being drafted in, and piano is being practiced. In the next week or two I'll be emailing out links to the download of the album to all you wonderful funders, and looking for postal addresses from those of you who purchased the physical product too. For now the two launch nights will be Nov 30th upstairs in the Róisín Dubh, and Dec 1st in The Loft space in Twisted Pepper, Middle Abbey St, Dublin. If your reward included tickets to see me play, then your name with a plus one will be on the door at those gigs, and I hope one of them will suit you. Looking forward to sharing the music with you, and I hope you'll enjoy it.

Mastering time approaches!

It's been a busy few months for me, but the album itself is recorded, and mixed, and heading to mastering this week. Which is very exciting news indeed. The artwork is still being developed with print artist Grace Mitchell, and I'm excited to see the work she has been doing all coming together to result in the final packaging for the record. We are planning to hand print and make the packaging for a limited number of the records, and everyone who bought the cd through fund:it will be getting one of those copies. You may have also noticed that a piece of my music is being used by Fund:it in their video promo about the first 6 months the site has been live. That piano track is an edit of a track I did in the studio as I had some of extra time left at the end of the last piano tracking day. It wasn't planned to be in this recording session at all! The full length version of that track will be included in the digital download version of the album that will be made available to all the fund:it pledgers, but won't be available on the regular cd edition. A nice little extra bonus for you wonderful funders. Keep an eye on your email in the coming weeks, as I'll be emailing out to get postal addresses when I'm happy to let the album go to get pressed.

Galway Film Fleadh ticket giveaway.

Last weekend's winner, Maura O'Halloran, got in touch to say she wouldn't be able to make it down to Galway for the Fleadh, and to give her tickets out again. That's a pity Maura, but thanks for offering to give them out again! Much appreciated. So, I had two names to draw today, and the winners were Esther Le Mair, and John Quinlivan, who both won a pair of tickets to a screening at the Galway Film Fleadh. Congrats! Take a look at the Fleadh programme, which was announced last week: http://www.galwayfilmfleadh.com/programme.php Just one week left to go with this fund:it campaign - keep spreading the world, and remember that every pledge is welcome, and every pledge will get you some kind of reward. Every pledge is very much appreciated and will help me finish this record. x mister ebby

Preview clips

Just in case you missed them on facebook, twitter, or the website, here's a link to clips of the recordings worked on so far. These are the ones I'm raising the funds to finish off and release as my debut album: http://soundcloud.com/misterebby/sets/wires-album-previews/ Thanks to everyone who has pledged so far! mister ebby

First pair of movie tickets

Goes to Maura O'Halloran! Congratulations! The programme for the festival doesn't launch until tomorrow, so what movie you'll get tickets for is still a surprise until later in the week. There are another pair of tickets to be given away randomly to a pledger to my fund:it campaign, so please spread the news about the project and get more people involved so I can reach my target, and you will all get what you've pledged money for. Thank you again for your pledge so far! mister ebby

Additional bonus reward for a random pledger!

Thank you all for your pledges to my campaign so far. Just an update to let you know that the Galway Film Fleadh has donated some tickets to the project as an extra reward to 2 pledgers chosen at random. The first set of two tickets will be awarded to someone who pledged before midnight on Sunday the 19th of June, and all of you are automatically entered into the draw. Keep an eye on my website, (http://www.misterebby.com/), twitter (http://www.twitter.com/misterebby), and facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/misterebby) for updates and more details! There's a little bit more info about the competition on my blog at the moment: http://www.misterebby.com/2011/06/galway-film-fleadh-fundit/ Thank you again for supporting my music! Please share the fundit project around with your friends and family, and help get this album made. x mister ebby

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