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Mindfulness Haven Galway

By Sound Magic Ireland


Mindfulness Haven Galway is a newly open meditation and relaxation Centre in Galway. It is a continuation of our existing Sound Magic Ireland business, and most of the classes in the studio will be held there. We also offer this beautiful space for other practitioners to run mindful and wellness classes and workshops. We provide classes and workshops regularly in many venues in Ireland, however, over the years, we could see the need to create a space dedicated just for this. Place where relaxation starts happening after entering the door, with all equipment ready for people to lie down in a cosy atmosphere, allowing the body to relax and mind to rest with ease. To upgrade the Studio we need to invest in special equipment, like mattresses, bolsters, eye pillows, meditation cushions for your comfort and the comfort of others who come to learn meditation and need relaxation. At the heart of our services lies your well-being and total comfort so you can completely surrender and enjoy every session in our Studio.

We will be soon investing in painting the studio with creative murals and decorating it, to create an amazing visual experience.


Equipment: yoga/relaxation bolsters- €400, therapeutic buckwheat pillows- €200, buckwheat neck pillow supporters- €300, cosy and warm blankets- €260, meditation cushions- €500, folded chairs- €240, Folding sponge mattresses- €600- (everything for 20 people)- € 2500 




We are hoping to raise €2500 to cover all the costs, however, we decided to set our target lower for this campaign to ensure that at least some of the equipment can be purchased. Depending on the sum that we will be able to raise, we may need to hold off with buying the mattresses until we can invest some more money in our project in a few months time.

We want to make it as comfortable as it can be for your future sessions, to help you have the luxurious and wonderful experience during the Sound Baths and other sessions provided at the studio. 

If we are successful in completing our project we will be able to order equipment soon without a delay and upgrade the relaxation experience to a completely different level, providing you with greater comfort then ever during our sessions. 

We will be grateful for your support. To thank you for your kindness we want to offer you our services and goods at the discount rates. You can not only help us to grow and be more accessible for other people but also will access great deals. 


Thank you
We are very grateful for your support. With your involvement you will help to create a beautiful space in Galway, where you can enjoy your time, helping us to promote stress coping techniques among children, teenagers and adults.  Let's create a Mindfulness Haven in Galway together.



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