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Master and Margarita

By Tokyo Blue


The great writer Mikhail Bulgakov claimed that 'manuscripts don't burn'. Tokyo Blue's Master and Margarita is a testament to the endurance of Bulgakov's vision. A vibrant adaptation of the acclaimed 1930s novel, Master & Margarita will feature as part of the 10 Days in Dublin festival programme. Dedicated to a dialogue between innovative performance and traditional theatre, Tokyo Blue looks forward to bringing their unique fusion of film and theatre onto the renowned Samuel Beckett stage.

Behind Tokyo Blue are two ex-Trinity Players, who also happen to be sisters. Tokyo Blue is about bringing great literature to life, and adapting and popularising texts that are perhaps under-represented in a given community. Ana, Tokyo Blue creative director, is an artist and published poet, with a collection entitled ‘A Case of Indigo’. She will be moving to Milan this September to study fine art at the prestigious Brera Academy. The production and organisation end of the company is myself, Ines. I've worked as an editor for various Trinity Publications, and I'm moving to New York in the fall to do a Masters at Columbia University’s School of Journalism. Beauty may be pain, but brains cost money, and with our educational aspirations, our passion for the arts, cultivated in this show, needs your help!

We staged our first adaptation of Master & Margarita last year as a DU Players production. In light of the success and positive feedback we received, we decided to further popularise Bulgakov's story and bring our performance to the next level. We have tentatively secured the fantastic Beckett Theatre and signed lots of contracts in true artistic spirit: money can't buy talent, and we went ahead with our plan to showcase our brilliant cast & crew in the hope that our financial needs would materialise through a channel such as this website and its patrons. Our graphic designer has even created a sample of the official poster for the show. Your support will allow Tokyo Blue to debut successfully. It will fund the construction of our set, our costumes, lights/sound design, and theatre.

You will enable the devil to come to Dublin, and witness his unsettling inquiry into the nature of man and the burden of love.

**Keep an eye out on our upcoming blog! The link will be posted onto our facebook page.

On behalf of the Tokyo Blue team, thank you!