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MASS by the LSA

By The LSA


If something is broken do you fix it or do you build something new? Storyteller Duncan Molloy and a host of writers and performers come together for a new attempt at a very old idea. We’re building a Mass for a new Congregation. Fables and handshakes, stories and songs. A fixed point in time and space around which our desire to understand one another can form. We don’t mind what you believe, so long as you believe in something. This is not about the Church. It’s about the Masses.

From the people who brought you Seven Versions of a Song and Storybook.

The LSA has grown exponentially, and plays are expensive. We've put together a truly fantastic team for our new show and need your help to make it happen. All funding will go towards the costs of the production, paying a small fee towards the team of ten writers and over twelve performers, and keeping the ticket costs low.

Here are some of the people working on MASS:
Amy Conroy
Arthur Riordan
Bryan Burroughs
Cathy Belton
Duncan Molloy
Eleanor Methven
James Tuomey
John Morton
Lucy Nuzum
Mary Coll
Mike Finn
Tom Swift

Tickets can be purchased here:

More information of Lucy Nuzum's beautiful photography here:

And on James Tuomey's illustration here:



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