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Mark Buckeridge next EP release

By Mark Buckeridge



I'm Mark Buckeridge I'm an Artist and Musician my first EP was released last year independently . I  toured around Ireland playing some Festivals and radio stations..
On the first EP I played all the instruments myself and played the record live acoustically. I feel for second E.P I wish to bring a full band on tour to realise the works full potential and involve them more in the recording process.

This is one of the reviews of my first EP by Jackie Hayden of Hotpress magazine:

‘Doing something less obvious is Mark Buckeridge on his new EP ‘Film Developer’ eschews standard production values to arrive at music that’s raw and earthy with Buckeridge’s rough vocal,tentative guitar and odd percussive bits to pad it out ‘Crystal Chandelier’ has a teasing xylophone and a lyric about wearing a white dress.It has a vocal approach that recalls The Pale but the track teases like it’s about to fall apart.’Leopard Skin Print’ has a delicious dreamy piano and works even better,not least because it takes Buckeridge a little closer to normality in musical terms’

I have written a great deal of the new EP over the last few months and recorded a small portion of it. I hope to have the recording process finished and wrapped up in late June and intend for the EP to feature four to five songs.

The money raised from my Fund it campaign will be spent on production of cds+cassettes mixing mastering of the EP, advertising/publicity and booking of the tour,

I have created a limited number of original drawings for the EP and lots of other unique rewards if you wish to fund this project. The EP will mixed and mastered in early August and you will have it late August 2012.

Thank you in advance for your support.