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MADE UP at Edinburgh Fringe 2016

By Michael Stone


Hi guys!

We are the Fast Food Collective, a group of students/artists/friends who share a love of greasy tunes and feel-good theatre! We met in DU Players, Trinity College’s drama society where, three years ago, we produced a play called MADE UP.

Blending spoken word, comedy, physical theatre, and dance, MADE UP tells the explosive tale of a night out in Dublin. Diving into the sweaty depths of the dance floor, and coming up for air in the smoking area, MADE UP sees a series of fragmented accounts piece together a striking, insightful portrait of modern nightlife culture - and all the delight and depravity that it entails.  The show has enjoyed sold-out runs in Dublin and Belfast, and has toured the Irish summer festival circuit with performances at Body&Soul, Life Festival, and Electric Picnic.

At this year's Edinburgh Fringe, MADE UP will be gracing the stage in Belly Laugh at Underbelly Cowgate. We are really excited to bring the show to the diverse audiences at the festival and need your help!

Taking a show to Fringe is a huge undertaking. Our team will be covering their own expenses and contributing to the overall cost of the project. The cost of venue rental, publicity materials and production expenses total to quite a sum - over €5500.  We are hoping to do well at the box office and make a dent in this amount but we do expect a shortfall and so are appealing to you. We would be eternally appreciative of any help you can offer.

If successful, the €1900 would go towards our venue rental (€3800), publicity expenses (approx. €200), Fringe registration and brochure printing (€1250) and show production costs (approx. €350). With our members' contributions, good box office sales and your support, the project will be able to proceed and flourish! 

We are really psyched to be bringing this show to the melting pot that is the Edinburgh Fringe. It's the biggest and busiest arts festival in the world! There's so much going on that we hope we can make our mark. We're so proud of this show and everyone involved and have faith that it can stand out at the box office and stick in the minds of audiences who come and see it!

Thank you so much for considering our project, we really appreciate your support!

Grease and love,

The Fast Food Collective