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Made in China Film Festival

By Made In China Film Festival


What is the Made in China Film Festival?

Made in China Film Festival is about celebrating the energy and creativity of contemporary Chinese cinema. We felt that Chinese cinema had a lot of Kung Fu and costume drama but what about everything else? A country the same size as America with a population 5 times larger, surely there were more stories to tell, perhaps 1 billion more. We decided to find out and in the process we stumbled across what should have been obvious. Chinese cinema is thriving, with box office records being broken with every new film release and a variety of filmmakers making funny, bold, and interesting works.

Watching a gritty Shanghai in the first 5 minutes of 'Suzhou river' or laughing at the familiar banter in a scene from 'Waiting alone'. Those moments of cinema which capture the universality of culture provide a fresh perspective on China. That's what we wanted to bring to Dublin and so that's what we decided to do.

The festival is presented by the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland and hosted at Swan Cinemas, Rathmines. It arrives on the 23rd of September.

Who is involved?

The MICFF committee is made up of Mike Ussher (Festival manager), Cathal McGowan (Campaign manager) and Stephen Massey (Partnership manager). What started as 3 classmates taking classes in Mandarin turned into discussions on 'What is a Chinese film'? This festival is the long answer to that question. We each bring a genuine love of Chinese culture, experience in film production and marketing and combined total of 200 hours of Chinese film watched! Joining the committee is Xiaodong Li, representing our partners at the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland who will promote the event. the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland is a cultural institution that promotes Chinese cultural exchange and language learning.

What will we be doing?

We aim to showcase eight of China’s newest and best films over the course of 3 days, along with a range of cinematic and cultural events. Running parallel to the film screenings will be a dynamic events programme which will include panel discussions, a ‘Lost in Translation’ language seminar, a networking event with industry insiders and Ireland’s first online film festival.

Why we need your help?

To make this festival a success we need your support. Funds raised with your help will go toward securing the best Chinese films and providing a high visibility, enjoyable event whether you turn up or log on.
Specifically your contribution will go towards powering our Online film festival.
At Made in China Film Festival Online we'll be bringing you feature length films, documentaries and shorts. All Online. And all free. To make this happen we need cash to inspire our designers, feed our code monkeys, appease our film suppliers and buy the tech that allows us to stream films to you from our site.

Be a part of the festival and lets bring Chinese cinema to Irish audiences.

Thank you from the MICFF team!



What's happening at Made in China Online

We're currently talking with the good people at dogwoof distributors about adding an award winning documentary to the Online festival line up. When we talk about the concept people's reaction is almost always "That sounds awesome!...but, tell me how it works again!". Basically we're building something like netflix/Mubi/4oD for festivals. Except rather than investing thousands of euros we're making it ourselves with sticky tape and some old clothes hangers, MacGyver style. And that's why we need your support. Sticky tape supplies are dangerously low! (And we'd also like to buy film rights, server space, bandwidth, designers and developers). So let's Fund It guys, 15 days to make this Online festival a definite addition to the programme!

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