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By Cuckoo Savante


Lovely Lily Bright.
Twelve songs just waiting to be recorded. A concept album of Gothic, Vaudevillian pop songs.Lurid, Sensational, exciting, and most shockingly of all...True! Based around the real life murder of a young woman in 1925 Dublin, her name besmirched by those in the know to protect the men of high standing accused of the heinous crime..A much lauded Irish legend implicated in her untimely demise...it has all the trappings of an Arthur Conan Doyle yarn, and we want to tell the story..All in our own inimitable style of course!

Having investigated at length this thrilling tale, devised an entire theater show around the central characters, and written and arranged a full repertoire of authentic songs to reveal the sorry sordid tale, we now call on you to invest in the recording so that we can finally lay to rest the mystery of Lily Bright, her illegitimate child, and the shocking lives of the ladies and Gentlemen of Monto.

With the 6,500 euro we will be able to spend three solid weeks in a recording studio, mixing, and producing these twelve original songs. This will also cover the cost of mastering the recordings, paying a small orchestra of session musicians to play on our compositions, and a graphic designer who will design the packaging to ensure an eye catching product.

Who are Cuckoo Savante?
Cuckoo Savante are a beautiful collision of all that is good about jazz, blues, lounge and punk. Crawling out from under a rock in the west of Ireland at the turn of the century, they have been wowing and wooing audiences around the globe for the best part of 6 years.

The release of their critically acclaimed debut album ?Lennonstown Lies? garnered Cuckoo Savante a place on the "what's hot" list in the irish times, and saw them climb rapidly up the itunes blues chart where they sat snugly on the top ten for 16 weeks in between Irish Rockabilly Doyenne, Imelda May, and British traveling troubador Seasick Steve.

Their song "The House Of Ill Repute" was adopted by Irish Blues legend Mary Coughlan as the title track of her current critically acclaimed album, while another track "I C U Leopard" was used in a segment of the award winning docudrama "Identities" by Vittoria Colonna.

With show-stopping sets at The Electric picnic, The Dublin Fringe, Cork Jazz and Brighton fringe festivals, support slots with everyone from Imelda may to The Fun Lovin? Criminals wedged firmly under their belts, and having shared the stage with some of the world's top burlesque performers, including but not limited to Miss Vicky Butterfly, Mr Mark Winmill, and Miss Sade O?Saphic, Cuckoo Savante are not resting on their laurels and have completed the songs for their difficult second album, as well as developing an exciting new theatre project that will be unveiled in due course...



Keep It Lit...

Thank you all so so much for helping us get this far, we passed the 1000 euro Hurdle last week, and since then we have been pushed further by two new investors. So Thank you guys, we really appreciate your involvement. We have 21 days to go!!! And we really really want to make our target, so I have to ask for your help one more time. If you feel that this is a project that has to come to fruition, can you please please speak to anyone you know that wants to help develop original Irish music from the ground up. Ask them nicely to donate even a couple of euro, if you get five people to invest, and they get five people to invest..etc etc...then we will reach our goal in no time and Lovely Lily Bright will rest in peace! Or Belt out over the airwaves..:) X Thank you all once more.x

I cant stand The rain...

So a brief update from us to you, welcome to our newest Funders..Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking a chance on us, we hope you will be very pleased with the outcome of the Lovely Lily bright project! I found this clip on youtube that i wanted to share with you... As a reward for investing I had said people will be invited to contribute some finger snaps and hand claps to a certain song..The song in question Is called "Rainfall Rainfall" and it was this clip that kind of gave me the inspiration for it...so when we get to record it, it will have an opening something like this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNY3DLDH2Ms&feature=player_embedded, best get your clicks on people..Kepp spreading the word and encouraging and likely Patrons of the Arts to get involved... Much love from us in Cloud Cuckoo land.x

The First Hurdle.

Hey Funders, I want to start by saying THANK YOU so much for getting us off the ground with this project, it means so much to us that you have decided to invest in the development of this music. That you think what we produce will be worth listening to is always a nice to thing to hear. Right now we are in Kilkenny rehearsing and fine tuning the new material, and we are very excited with the way it is working out. We can't wait for you to hear it. If you can help us get this proposal to a wider audience we would really appreciate it, keep spreading the word about it to your friends and family, and perhaps gently encourage them to get involved. Every little helps, and the more people that know about it the more likely it is to hit target! Once again. Thank you! Regards Cuckoo Savante

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