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A Free Toolkit to Access Empty Spaces!

By D.ploy Dublin


Live/Work Units, an Urban Toolkit

d.ploy are publishing a free online step-by-step toolkit, to give everyone the knowledge and tools to transform used and unused spaces into live/work units and more!
This project was designed as one possible solution to the housing crisis and to support people to get onto the path of self-employment.

What is a live/work unit?
It is a type of dwelling under Irish legislation that allows you to work & live under the one roof. Live/work units allow you to lower your costs, live a greener life, work more efficiently and carry out a commercial activity at a fraction of the taxes!

Why the toolkit?
Well, it’s a jungle out there but we believe everyone should be able to start their initiatives without the hassle. d.ploy’s Live/Work Units Toolkit will smooth out the process and will fast-track everyone onto the path of creative entrepreneurship.

What's in the toolkit?
Stage A: Project Preparation: Finding an area, Choosing a space, Financing your project, Preparing for negotiations, Dealing with third parties (landlord/agent/NAMA), Securing a deal
Stage B: DIY building: Laying out your space, Green issues, retrofit programmes, sourcing free/cheap resources, Other specificities
Stage C: Regulations: Planning, Architecture, Safety, Taxes
It also comes with a map where everyone can showcase their own spaces.

Is it relevant to other types of spaces?
Yes! the toolkit will also be a big asset to help you navigate the transformation of any space into a habitation or creative/commercial space. It is Ireland specific but can inspire everyone around the world!

What are the rewards?
Rewards take place in our space in Dublin CC but can be held via Skype or outside of Dublin for Full Bootcamps. Don’t forget you can also donate your reward!

1 2 1 Gamestorming session (half price at €50 instead of €100): a fast-paced 1h1/2 gamestorming session with fun design thinking activities that will allow you to identify your need and allow you to kick-start or re-evaluate your project.

Group Gamestorming session or 1 2 1 focussed support (half price at €100 instead of €200): same as above for 2h with added tailored strategy for individuals. Groups 7p max.

Mini-Bootcamp (half price at €200 instead of €400): a half-day super-efficient workshops with fun design thinking activities that will take your project through the relevant stages of the toolkit, giving you a tailored strategy to kick-start & develop your initiative.

Full Bootcamp (half price at €600 instead of €1200): same as above over 2 short days, taking your project through every stage of the toolkit, giving you a tailored strategy & extra tools. Includes sandwiches & refreshments! We also offer PR of your choice (press release, social media, etc...)

Where will the fund:it money go?
After 3 years of voluntary research, prototyping & documenting, we now need your support for a fee for our fantastic graphic designer Mercedes M Brandstätter, disseminating the toolkit and of course organising the launch party!

Video credits
Dublin Timelapse: Richard Twomey
Graphics: Mercedes M Brandstätter
Music: B. Haggart / R. Bauduc / K. Eastwood
Voiceover: Adam Gibney
All other elements: d.ploy Dublin
Production: Emmanuelle Marion for d.ploy



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