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little xs for eyes - début album, S.A.D

By Davey Moor


A harmony laden band - made with equal parts boy and girl - our music tells stories of funny valentines, tragic heroes and the unchanging seasons, taking place on empty dancefloors and long walks home...mostly in the rain, and so, it leads us to make S.A.D, our début album. We've taken our time and the collection has been four years in the making, being a follow-up to our eponymous 2007 EP and will again feature heavily layered harmonies and instruments such as ukulele, electric mandolin, glockenspiel, violin and psaltery.

It's being recorded by the very wonderful Eoin Bailey, at his Dublin studio. We're happy to have given him all our money to record, and now, at this time of mastering, duplicating the discs and printing the lovely packaging, we are looking for your help. This is, however, rewarding – and not just figuratively. Check out the most equitable barter system on the left..

Thank you so much..

the little xs

little xs for eyes are:
Bennie Reilly: voice & guitar
Davey Moor: voice, guitar, mandolin, ukulele & psaltery
Michelle Considine: voice, glockenspiel & keys
Adrian Reilly: drums
Lucy Jackson: voice, keys & violin
Harry Bookless: Bass
the album also features:
Aaron Copeland, Al Higgins, Sorcha Brennan & Eoin Bailey