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Light in the Dark

By Daire Lynch


You've had a terrible day at work/unemployment office/aimlessly walking the streets after a bad event in your life- you go home, put on your favourite musician/band -it calms you, helps you unwind,gives you solace.

This is the light in the dark.

The same musicians give blood sweat and tears to create that music, often sacrificing friends, family and monetary stability in the process. It being an integral part of your life, you being a fan and supporter is the light in the dark for them.

The light in the dark is also how I light my subjects for my paintings, a solitary downward light, resulting in strong features and contrasts.

I hope to create a series of 15 - 20 paintings, with an exhibit the end result, of both irish and international musicians,musicians who enhance your life with their words, with their musical talents.

I'm looking for your support for the raw materials for this project, as each painting can cost me up to €100 in canvas, paint, brushes, that's not accounting for time put in- up to 90hours per painting.

I already have some well known musicans onboard for the project and as more join, I shall keep you updated with the artists named, work in progress shots of paintings and such.

Painting is my life. I hope to share that with you.
thank you for reading.

Daire Lynch