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Large-Scale Dedicated Digital Art Screen

By Monster Truck Gallery And Studios


Who we are

We are an artist-led organisation initiated by a desire to respond to what seemed like an endless flow of creative people who wanted to produce work, have exhibitions and make things happen. In the four years since our inception we have developed from a group of artists with tonnes of energy and a derelict building, to an award-winning, artist-led organisation with two venues consisting of renovated studios and a high-quality gallery space - both in the heart of Dublin city centre. Through all of this change and growth our original mission, values and passion remains the same. We continue to work with a diverse range of early career and established artists through subsidised studio spaces, a high-profile gallery space, and artistic and professional supports.

Why we need your help

We really want to purchase a high specification projector and back projection screen to facilitate projections onto the large, street level window of our Temple Bar gallery. This will have two benefits. Firstly, it will be an amazing facility for our exhibiting artists both during and after our opening hours. Lots of artists have had exciting ideas for our windows in the past, but to date the associated costs have been prohibitive. Secondly, we see this equipment as providing us with a new opportunity to generate independent sources of revenue by using it as a space to promote other cultural activities and organisations - we already have groups interested in working with us on this!

Who it will benefit

As well as benefiting artists by being able to offer them the use of fantastic new equipment, the public will get to view the resulting work in a very accessible way and Temple Bar will be more artistically animated at night. The income we can generate from the projector will help build sustainability for Monster Truck. The money you pledge to us for this project will help us to purchase equipment which can generate income on an ongoing basis and continue to help support early career and established artists directly.

We'd like to thank all of our supporters in advance for backing this project.

The Monster Truck Team

PS. We've included some more information on the rewards on the activity page for this project. Feel free to contact us on info@monstertruck.ie if you'd like to know more about them.



WE ARE 100% FUNDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANKS TO YOU ALL FOR BEING AMAZING!!!!!!!!! but... this project will cost more than 8K to implement so keep on giving. But thanks!!!!!!! You rock!Xx

Private Challenge Grant

Many thanks to everyone who has already supported us. We have now raised over 25% of our €5000 target. We also have some exciting new news: to help reach our goal we have been given a private challenge grant by a supporter who has agreed to give us €1 for every €4 we raise through fund-it. That means every donation online will help raise even more funds towards this project. If you have not yet donated - do it now for some great rewards! For those who have already pledged you can continue to support this project by spreading the word. Thanks - The Monster Truck Team

Some information about our rewards

Hello all, Thank you for taking an interest in our project. Here is some additional information on the €100, €200 and €500 rewards. Visual content may include, but are not limited to, promotion of your event or company, digital art work, animation. Content subject to approval by the Gallery Manager. Events are subject to the normal terms and conditions of Monster Truck Hire. Events may include but are not limited to Corporate Receptions, Seminars, Screenings, Book Launch. Art Exhibitions and events such as Birthday parties cannot be facilitated. Dates are subject to availability and by agreement with the Gallery Manager. Also, if you live outside of the Republic of Ireland, consider donating a little extra to help us with P&P. You can contact us at info@monstertruck.ie if you have any questions. Thanks Monster Truck Team

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