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Keep Us Printing! Help Pay For Rabble!

By Rabble


rabble is a non-profit newspaper from the city’s underground. It’s collectively and independently run by volunteers. Since its inception, rabble has created a space for the passionate telling of truth, muckraking journalism and well aimed pot-shots at illegitimate authority.

Those involved know each other from alternative media and street mobilisations, from raves, gigs and the football terraces, or by just living in the village that is Dublin.

We range from people living and raising their families in the city, to community and political activists, to artists, messers and mischief-makers.

We weren’t sure if a publication like this would work, if the city would want us, if anyone would care. But the response since has been immense. Dublin didn’t just get rabble, Galway, Limerick, Cork, Belfast and far beyond did too. You’ve told us what you like and what you want: more culture, more investigative pieces and more razor-sharp satire.

Each of our issues have been bigger and bolder. We increased our page count and leapt up to 10,000 copies for issue five. That’s a direct response to public demand. We also work online to pump out news and views that consistently challenge the orthodoxies of austerity.

We want to continue offering an alternative look at Ireland after the boom and help contribute to the popular imagination of what’s possible. Too many naively celebrate the creative side of the recession and utter non-committal grumbles about how we got here. rabble has no qualms about what side of the fence we sit on.

As some shower once said, "there’s a lot done, more to do". Now, we need you to support us and ensure the survival of the project as a print entity into the future. Running a magazine through fundraising gigs and constant hustle has its charm - but it is not a sustainable model. We reckon Ireland can sustain a reader funded free newspaper. One that uses crowdfunding to redefine the limits of what radical publishing looks like. We want to continue offering a vital space for original illustration, photography, journalism, politics and culture.

rabble works best in hard copy, it lends credibility and value to our work in a culture of online rapid fire disposability. Equally, our organic distribution network allows the project to be constantly discovered by people outside our own online echo chambers.

With this campaign, we are asking our supporters to chip in and cover our next four print runs. That’s a full year of rabble. Help us remain a truly independent voice in these times of crisis.

Once the stresses of our printers bill are out of the way, it’ll allow us to concentrate on developing rabble. This means recruiting more volunteers, upping the stakes of the paper and our journalism, experimenting with video, organising real world events and a whole lot more.

Yes, of course - we’ll still have the odd ruckus of a gig - but this time just for the lulz.