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By Ruaidhri Conroy


Benjy, a homeless alcoholic, loses the only thing he loves in the world when his dog, Diana, mysteriously disappears. Alone and increasingly distraught, Benjy trawls the streets of Dublin searching for her encountering a series of hostile and unhelpful characters along the way.

This short film is an archetypal quest narrative concerning the most ubiquitous human to non-human relationship in the western world (people and their dogs) in a social context rarely acknowledged on screen (the homeless community). It may be understood literally or symbolically and aims to be both particular to its time, place and central character and universal in its themes of exclusion, rejection and loss.

Of course, the film's first task is to tell a simple story in a cinematic style that entertains its audience in the fullest sense of the word, drawing them into Benjy's plight and gripping them until it conclusion. It will be sad, funny, surprising and have a mini-epic quality to reflect the journey, physical and emotional, of the central character. This deceptively simple story should resonate with anyone who has ever lost anything. The film is not about a dog. It's about a man.

The film is written and directed by myself, Ruaidhri Conroy, and is my first time directing after more than twenty years as an actor. I have been an actor in films most of my life, have loved cinema since I was a child and to make films is a life-long personal ambition.

Apart from myself all of the cast and crew are experienced professionals in their respective departments. The central character is played by the IFTA award-winning Brendan Conroy and the rest of the cast will be comprised of actors of a similar calibre, including John Olohan, Sile Nugent, Neili Conroy, David Wilmot and many more. Details of our young, talented production team are below.

WRITER/DIRECTOR: Ruaidhri Conroy

PRODUCER: Vanessa Gildea

LINE PRODUCER: Etain McGuckian


EDITOR: Genevieve Murphy

We have already shot and edited a ten-minute version of the film on next-to-no budget and are excited by what we have seen. We now require additional funding to complete it before the end of the year so it will be ready to show to the world in 2014. Your money will fund a further three days shooting and post-production costs, including the cost of submitting the film to festivals in 2014.

We have brought the film this far but now require you to bring it to completion and are delighted to be able to offer you the opportunity to be involved in making this film a reality. Watch the trailer, if you like what you see give what you can. No contribution is too small and certainly no contribution is too large. If you want to know more check out our Facebook page Justlikeabitch for more photos and updates on our progress. I will be eternally grateful for your support in making this happen.

Thanks for your time.

Ruaidhri Conroy



Hello Again And Thank You

Hello Funders, it's been some time since my last confession...but was just writing now to say a final thank you for your support in making Justlikeabitch. The film played at numerous festivals in Ireland and abroad and was screened on RTE as part of their Shortscreen programme. I have contacted everybody about their relevant rewards for their contributions and all rewards should be by now delivered. If they are not, or if there is one of you still awaiting some reward or other please contact me and let me know. My email is ruaidhriconroy@yahoo.com. Also if any of you haven't seen the film and are curious about it feel free to email me and I can forward on a private Vimeo link with password. Thanks again. Ruaidhri,

It's been shot

Hello again Everybody, we shot the film last week Monday to Friday. Was a hectic week with twenty three actors, thirteen some locations mostly in the city centre and the shortest day of the year bearing down on us. We got through it though and hopefully we now have a film on our hands. Thank you all for your support without which the film would not have been possible. Will be in touch regarding rewards and such before too long. Cheers, Ruaidhri.

Justlikeabitch Project Update

Hello everybody and thank you all for helping us reach our target. Right in the middle of preparations for the shoot now which is planned for the week after next. The locations have been located, the parts have been mostly cast and the crew is mostly in place. There's a lot of mostly going on. Anyway, hopefully it will all come together this week and this time two weeks I will be able to say we have a film on our hands. When the shoot is done I will email you all about your rewards, the delivery of which will probably not be until the new year. Thanks again. Ruaidhri.

Justlikeabitch Project Update

Hello again, six days to go and still a not inconsiderable fourteen hundred and something to be raised. Big thanks to all our new contributors. Bronagh Gallagher, Anthony Morris and Eileen Fennel all agreed to be in our film this week so if nothing else we will have a very talented cast. The plan is to shoot for three days in December, just have to make it happen now. Have a good weekend. Ruaidhri.

Justlikeabitch Project Update

Hello, just like to thank all of you who have contributed since my last update. Some of you I know very well and some of you are a mystery but I am equally grateful to you all. We have raised over three grand at this point and with eleven days left I am quietly optimistic that we will reach our target. There are no very exciting developments other than that but hopefully in the next week or so I will have some more cast members to tell you about. I have been location-spotting, which mainly involves me cycling around on my bicycle, taking photographs of a lot of stuff. I have been visiting a lot of off-licenses and will probably have to take a trip to the Ashton dog pound this week. Anyway, thanks again. Ruaidhri.

Justlikeabitch Project Update

Hello, I would like to say thank you to everybody who contributed this week and made sure that the film's first week on Fundit was a strong one. Lyndzi Doyle joined our production team this week which is good news and she will be helping me doing a lot of the hands-on producing. Over the next few weeks we will be trying to identify the remaining locations we need, put a crew in place, and I will have to go about doing some casting. For a short film there are a lot of locations and a lot of characters. Anyway, thanks again and I will keep you up to date on our progress, hopefully there will be some. Have a good weekend. Ruaidhri.

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