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Julie Feeney ... the next album

By Julie Feeney


I have been on an incredible journey over my first two albums, musically, personally and geographically and I have a lot to thank these albums for! But now I am on a new departure, embarking on a new journey.

The theme and concept for this album began to slowly unravel and become apparent to me very shortly after I began performing my last album "pages" live. I have not told anyone what the name of the album is and if you get involved you will be one of the first to know. Depending on the reward you choose; you will be the first to know the title, the first to see the artwork, and the first to hear the music.

I have provisionally booked a number of recording spaces for December and into the new year shortly after we (hopefully!) finish on Fund  it. I would love if you could be involved to enable the recording costs including those for engineering, mixing, mastering, equipment hire, album duplication, artwork, photography and the production of a video. Through a wide range of rewards available, you would be enabling this realization..

Thank you so much in advance for enabling my next step.


Julie Feeney