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Jules. Belfast's best kept secret

By Shanachie Productions


The Goal:

To create a trailer for our new documentary ‘Jules: Belfast’s best kept secret’.This is an essential criteria to award fundingThis will accompany an application to channel 4 brit doc to fund the full length documentary feature this year.

The Trailer:

The trailer opens in modern vibrant Belfast, 2012. During the opening scene we meet Mary, who takes the audience back to war torn Belfast, 1979. We follows young Mary as she creates a secret nightclub in a desperate attempt to escape the violent streets of Belfast.

The Documentary:

Through this documentary we aim to examine Belfast’s infamous troubles but from an alternative perspective and change the general attitude towards this part of Irish history. As natives of Belfast we feel compelled to expose the depth of humanity amidst the historical chaos and highlight the warmth and humour that is persistently over shadowed by conflict and political unrest.

We want to reveal Jules, an underground club, that encouraged camaraderie and community within a segregated city. Jules was born amidst a civil war and created a safe and free environment to escape the violent troubles and bigoted divisions within Belfast.

At the heart of this story lies a sense of wanting to belong. Jules accepted its people for the exact reason that society had rejected them ,allowing them to fully realise their own self worth.

On Jules 30th anniversary, we reveal “Belfast's Best Kept Secret” allowing the audience live it's story for the first time. This is the heroic story of those who chose not to be victims of their circumstances. It is time to remember the children of the lost generation, who dared to break free from the troubles.

Who we are:

We are Shanachie Productions, a new company set up by local artists in Belfast with a background in film and theatre. ‘Jules: Belfast’s best kept secret’ is our debut production.


The funds we are seeking on the site will go towards productions costs which include costumes, set construction, technical equipment, recording and fees for professionals involved.

Thanks for your support!

Shanachie Productions



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82% !!!

Thank you everyone! so jules! Very Exciting xxx

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54%! Soooooo Jules!

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