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John Beattie Catalogue

By Royal Hibernian Academy


Here at the RHA we are very excited to be exhibiting the work of artist John Beattie this coming November. The show is costing the RHA a total of €12,000 to put on, this cost covering the exhibition only and John has also invested a huge amount of his own money into the filming, sound and production of these works. This is a first class show and we really feel that John deserves a good publication to accompany his two beautifully crafted HD film projections. As a result we are calling out to the public to gain the funding needed to make a catalogue for this exhibition and we ask you for your support in this, not without its many rewards which you can see below!   

For this project we need your help to raise €5,000. €1,000 of this will pay for the design of the catalogue with the remaining €4,000 covering the print and production of 500 colour catalogues.

In "An Artist, The Studio, and all the rest..." Beattie explores the relationship between traditional academic ideas of the artist and their practice and contemporary approaches to art making.

To commence this research he approached Thomas Ryan, a past president of the RHA, and they created a Master/Apprentice collaboration. The first film is shot in Ryan's studio and is a meditation on the craft and methodologies employed by an artist working in the academic vein.

For the second film Beattie appropriated Gustav Courbet's "The Artists Studio", 1854/55, and staged a recreation of the image in The Great Hall, at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. For the tableaux he invited artists, and representatives of the cultural institutions in Ireland to pose for this carefully choreographed re-staging. It is a theatrical and thought provoking spectacle on how one unpicks and understands the creative process.

We would like to thank you in advance for being a supporter of the arts in Ireland, every donation, small or large supports both John Beattie and the Royal Hibernian Academy.

John Beattie's film installation will launch in the RHA on the 15th of November and will run until the 21st of December in RHA Gallery's II & III.



Note of thanks from the artist

Just a note of thanks to all who have been supporting the Fundit campaign with The RHA to produce a catalogue for my forthcoming solo show “An Artist, The Studio, and all the rest...” To have the opportunity to illustrate this work and research in the form of a catalogue would be an ideal way to extend the conversation further and reach out to a wider audience. With a few days left we hope with the continued support to reach our goal.

6 days to go!

The invites for the upcoming show are going in the post tomorrow!! We're going for a big push in the last 6 days of our campaign for a catalogue for John's show and are hopeful that we will get a lot of support over the coming days! Thank you to everyone who has been involved so far and thank you to everyone who is going to get involved!

The crew are in!

So, our crew are in at the moment getting final preparations under way for John's show, we're very excited for what is going to be a great show! Thank you to all who have donated so far and thanks to all who are going to help us to fund a catalogue, it will be a huge asset to the show and a great help to the artist and the RHA.

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