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JMA Album Fund

By Anne Meyler


Hi there ...We are JMA and this is our fund it campaign to help us release our 2nd Album.

JMA started out as a 3 piece as in James Meyler, Mick Egan and Anne Meyler about 20 years ago playing the pubs around Wexford and the South East covering mainly Bob Dylan and Neil Young's music which we had great fun doing.

We then progressed to recording our own original music which resulted in our first Album called "Numbers" in 2003 . Since then we have continued writing and performing in some wonderful live music venues and song clubs in Wexford and gradually the thought came to us, sure why not record and release a 2nd album. Our first album was very much an acoustic album so this time we made the decision to record with a full band, which is where Mick O'Brien on Bass and Keith Devereux on drums come in so with with Mick Egan this time on the electric guitar, it is a much bigger sound this time around.

We have spent the last year in the studio... and recording as a band has been challenging and fun in equal measures and the end result is 12 songs for inclusion on the album which will be called "Same God, Different Devil". The songs themselves have evolved quite a bit over the past year and are now at a stage that we are really quite proud of and we are very excited to be releasing them.

At present we are at the stage where the album is almost fully recorded and we are hoping to get help funding the duplication and promotion of it ... which is where you kind folks come in and we have even put together a few rewards to tempt you :)

Any help that ye can offer us, whether that be in the shape of funding or in just sharing this page and spreading the word would be most welcome and we will be forever grateful.
Thank you for taking the time to read this



JMA - We All Got To Get Our Thrills

Just a little update for you wonderful funders as to the stage we are now at with the album.  The artwork is almost complete as is the mastering so we hope to have it submitted for duplication within the next 2 weeks or so ... but the really exciting news is that we now have a date for the official launch. 

It will be in Wexford Arts Centre on Thursday December 20th so break out your best Christmas jumper and we would love you to come and join us for a bit of festive fun. There will be  no admission charge and we are aiming for doors at 8pm so mark it into your diary and lets get this album out there in time for the man in the big red suit :)

Thank you all once again for your help and generosity with this project, we are forever grateful and very very happy.  

James, Michael, Anne, Keith and Mick xxxx



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