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Jigsaw - Exploration of Irish Creativity

By Noel Heaney


The project was conceived in 2010 by Noel Heaney as a Masters Project. The first piece was a magazine, and based on the success of the first 2 issues, the next step is to create an annual. Noel Heaney is a graphic designer, currently living and working in Derry. This project will also include contribution from John McDaid of STILL.

Jigsaw is a continuing project, which looks to illuminate local artists, their work, and their individual story, and to bring all these elements together to create something beautiful. We will create a beautifully designed annual which will bring together artists, both emerging and more established, and provide a platform for them to showcase their work, not only for us to celebrate our local talent, but act as a document for the rest of the world.
We believe this publication will act as a stamp of intent for the future and proof of our distinct identity. It's about our stories, our artists and how Ireland has directly or indirectly influenced them and their work.

With your help, we can create not only something of great beauty, but also of great importance. We will fill the annual with what we believe to be the most cutting-edge work that reflects Ireland today and the work we produce.

The target will cover the print and distribution costs of a run of top quality publication, included with uncoated stock and special finishes. This standard of the print finish is essential in properly showcasing the work of the artists.

Ireland’s unique culture has always bled into the fabric of the art we produce. For such a small island, we have an abundance of artistic relevance. We are a country with a plethora of artists. We sport a huge range of diversity across the 32 counties, with honesty, craft, mythology and storytelling some of the core traits for which we are famous.

Thank you so much for reading, and we hope you can contribute. We are eternally grateful for any help given to finally make this project tangible.




Spread The Word

Thanks so so much to anyone who has got involved and pledged so far. You are beautiful. Please spread the word as much as you can folks, we need get some steam up now with less than 3 weeks to go.

Up and running

So, we are live. Thanks so much to anyone who has been watching, liking, sharing or has already pledged some money to the project. I really hope we can make it work. I will keep you updated folks. Again, thank you. Noel.

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