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Irish & International Culture Arts Night

By BlueFire


Hey! My name's Keren. I'm the founder of BlueFire, a social enterprise. My vision for BlueFire is to create a space in Dublin where different communities can come together to experience each other's cultures and the forms of art which they produce. With 17% of our residence born abroad I feel it is important to develop an understanding of another's culture (and what better way then through the arts!)

As part of Culture Night (www.culturenight.ie) we want to host an event which brings you into another world. With 20 different cultures together in one space, we will create something never seen before. You arrive on Wolfe Tone Square to see diverse hand made products through our markets, on your left you can join African Drumming workshops, your right, our children’s area were you have games from all over the world. There’s also our busker’s corner and visual art throughout the venue!

At 6pm our show begins, from musicians to dancers to spoken word. We believe that this event is the start to intercultural projects throughout the city and we want to mark the moment when Dublin begins to move from a multicultural to an intercultural community by the audience, artists and volunteers writing messages on flying lanterns before setting them into the night’s sky.

The plans, vision and passion is there, but sponsors have not been what we hoped. We love what we do, but we cannot do it alone. We know there are 1000’s of causes out there and I’m not going to tell you this is more important, but if you believe in what we are doing, please consider supporting us and help make it possible for our vision to come true.

We've reduced our budget to a minimum but our production costs are €5000. Insurance, security, first aid, waste disposal, licensing, things we just can’t avoid is €5000. Transport and food for volunteers along with decoration, advertising and marquees is another €5000!

Some people say we’re mad trying to raise these funds in such a short space of time, but what would life be without a little insanity! We need your help to make this dream a reality and €10 from enough people will make this possible.

Since establishing this project I have been blown away by people's encouragement and support. Our team of interns, volunteers and artists give their energy generously. It is a project by artists for artists. Event management is my art form, odd comment I know, but playing with an event, working to bring artists together from various cultural styles in different art forms and being part of creating something unique, playing with this is my art form.

But it is not just me, it is a collective. BlueFire functions as a network. It is the combination of artists, event managers and unique people that have brought this project together and have personally given me the best 4 month journey of my life.

I do hope you are as excited as I am!




To all you wonderful funders, I am writing with some bad news. Last week I had a bike accident which has left me feeling quite unwell. As a result, although my interns are hard at work, I cannot offer them the same level of support needed in order to promote the fund-it campaign effectively. With much deliberation, myself and my team have decided to create changes to the event which would severally reduce the financial burden while still keeping the integrity of the event in tack. During the day we aim to run our markets, buskers & children's corners, drumming workshops and visual arts displays. At night, we will run our music, dance & spoken word show in Sweeney's bar across their two main floors. Although it is not what we envisaged, we believe it will still be an exceptional event. To make this day time a reality, we need €3,000. If you would still like to support our work and make this day time event possible, we would really appreciate it if you could pledge to us via paypal at http://www.iican.ie/#!support/c9a0. As usual, even the smallest donation is much appreciated. We will refund all payments should we not raise the full amount. Due to the structure of fundit.ie we can not reduce our figure so we will discontinue our promotion for fund-it and your credit cards will not be charged. We are still offering the same rewards for all donations made via paypal however we will only be recording a promo video of the event so for a €10 donation, we will offer you a free taster from one of our vendors. The benefit of these changes is during the day we will host a family orientated event while at night we can relax with a pint and great entertainment (while getting out of the chilly Irish weather!). Thank you all so so much for your support and kindness, it has been greatly appreciated by myself and all on the BlueFire network. We look forward to seeing you on the 20th September! :-) For more updates, please visit www.iican.ie All our love, Keren Jackson and the team at BlueFire 083 449 88 82

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