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Iremonger: Pig in the city

By Sophie Iremonger


MY STORY: Hi my name is Sophie Iremonger .Born 1983 Dublin, Ireland, and educated at the National college of Art and design, I graduated fine art painting 2008 and came to Berlin directly afterwards where I have been living/exhibiting since. the crux of my work may be familiar to you: wastelands/the junctures between inhabited and uninhabited lands- places where the human grip is loosened or absent are what my paintings are about. I create technicolour wilderness experiences using neon acrylic and collage. I have exhibited extensively in Ireland and Berlin- and am currently showing at Werkstadt Kulturverein for the duration of this August.for this project I am seeking 2000 euros to bring my work to a wider audience-the money will be spent on airfare.Having investigated the price of current tickets this should be just enough to get me and my work there and back. I feel to take full advantage of this rare opportunity given to me by LaMama Galeria, it is necessary I appear in person to talk about my work, and meet the people who come and see it. I hope you can help me take this step up to a wider audience. My full resume can be viewed at sophieiremonger.blogspot.com, showing new work and a full list of completed projects.

La Galleria: Founded in 1984, La MaMa La Galleria is a nonprofit gallery committed to nurturing artistic experimentation. As an extension of the internationally acclaimed La Mama Experimental Theatre Club, La MaMa La Galleria has watched its physical surroundings and neighborhood develop at an exponential pace. Its program model has evolved in its own right: today, the mission of La Galleria is to continue to serve its neighborhood as a venue that encourages an active dialogue between the visual arts, new media, performance, curatorial, literary and educational projects. Its focus is to offer programming that reaches beyond the expectations of traditional gallery and institutional exhibition-making, to a diverse and intergenerational audience. And as a non-profit, it is able to provide artists and curators with unique exhibition opportunities that are largely out of reach in a commercial gallery setting.

The exhibition I am taking part in is a group exhibition opening on the 23rd of September 2012. The participants will me myself and Stevie Hanley plus 3 other artists who have yet to be announced.The opportunity to exhibit in Lamama was given to me by Matt Nasser, who is the current director of the Gallery. It will be the first time I have exhibited in N.Y.
I will be exhibiting one large work called 'Wreckage with Necter' it is mixed media on canvas, 200X199 cm. You can view its image on my Fundit profile picture.




Dear Funders, Thankyou- thanks for believing in my work, thanks for helping me take a step UP.You made the difference. You are sending me to NY-its over, its DONE. 2000 and 2 days left-and its all wrapped up.I'M GOING TO NY. Please send me your contact details so I can send you your drawings/paintings/post cards-write down the animal you want and whether its a postcard/drawing/painting youre getting and I'll get those out to you after I get back from London. First London, then New York. You gave me wings! I'm going to use them! X

dear fundit friends

Thankyou so much for your contributions-just at the half way mark now in regards to time and well over it in terms of funds-over 65 percent funded! lets see what happens next X

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