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By Donal Moloney


'Intruders' is a fine art photographic Exhibition to be held at Filmbase, Temple Bar, 11th - 21st April.

'Commando Photography' might be the best way to describe the technique I used in creating these images. I believe this personal fine art’s project to be very unique, photographically stunning and the most fun I've had since my teens.

I have been a professional photographer for 25 years and my daily work usually involves shooting for ad agencies www.donalmoloney.com

This is my first ever solo exhibition ('and about time' some have said). I have spent 6k of my own cash producing these shots and now I need your support please. €7.7k in funding is required to produce the show. €4.5k of this will be for high end prints and framing, €1.2k for the location and €2k will be needed for promotional material, invites, the opening evening and staffing the event. I am in the process of securing a well known celebrity to open the show.

I chose to exhibit at Filmbase because it has a constant flow of people and the exhibits are constantly exposed to the passing public in a very busy area of the city.

So why is this exhibition unique?

Well, it combines many elements, architecture, decay, danger and the nude. I have always had a fascination with Urbex, the exploration of old abandoned buildings, architectural decay, or not usually seen components of the man-made environment. Ireland and Dublin in particular has many such locations, some more famous than others.

I spent almost 4 months investigating these sometimes dangerous and often unwelcome places. However, it was their interiors that fascinated me most. What I found with my final selected locations was a really strange beauty in their decay and architectural wonder. Some of the locations are well known to Dubliners - but have never been seen on the ‘inside’ as it were. That will now change

Having done all my preparation work, I still felt I could add another interesting dimension to the composition of each shot – ‘The Nude’.

The nude has been photographed in every possible landscape and studio since the art of photography was discovered. But, I’m not aware of my chosen combination ever being photographed like this, particularly in Ireland. The result leaves the viewer not sure whether they are more impressed by the intriguingly powerfully impressive beauty of the location or the elegant beauty of the women. All these ladies were incredibly brave and I am eternally grateful to them.

Please feel free to contact me, details on my website below, for any further information or to have a sneak preview of these amazing images.