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International Dublin Writers' Festival

By Laurence O'Bryan



The above shows the main festival room during our 2019 event.


Festival Dates 2022: Friday September 16th to Sunday September 18th

Our goal with this Fund it campaign is to cover the cost of the venue and provide a small fee for each speaker.

You can pay for a place for yourself to attend or pay to sponsor a writer to attend or help sponsor the event, with benefits, in each case shown below.

We gift places each year to deserving writers who might not otherwise attend. Your support will make a big difference. You can decide after payment if you want to attend or simply sponsor a writer or the event. 

This festival is designed to help writers, fiction and non-fiction, improve their craft and to provide opportunities for writers to learn from key industry professionals & to make connections.

Dublin is a world heritage city and home to some of the most famous writers. This event is an opportunity for all writers, everywhere, to connect with the literary culture of Dublin and to learn from experts and peers.

Writers, both aspiring and experienced, are all welcome. You can also sponsor a writer to attend if you are unable to this year.

Our speakers are renowned, highly experienced, published authors, and world-class experts in writing craft, publishing and marketing. This conference provides practical support, valuable training and an opportunity to get to know fellow writers and industry professionals through our online communities.

We have 12 great speakers lined up already and expect to have more by September. See the current lineup here: https://internationaldublinwritersfestival.com/

Venue: €500
Speakers: €1,500 
Advertising & promotion €500

(Additional funds raised will go towards more speakers and extra venue rooms)

This is our 8th event. Two were online in '20 & '21. All the others were mainly live with some streamed content. See links to each year on our site.

We have had Pulitzer Prize winners as speakers, producers from Hollywood and well-known writers, such as Michael Hirst, screenwriter for all the Viking TV shows, who gave a Masterclass on Screenwriting in 2019. We have had industry experts and literary agents too. Our team of volunteers has been with us since the beginning and we are grateful for their support.

We believe this year could be better than ever.

Whatever funds we raise, we will find a way to proceed, with less time in the venue or other cuts. One way or another this will go ahead.

We fund this on a shoestring each year. We need help to make sure we can keep going and build an even better event for future years.

Your support will go a long way to make this a bigger and better event in 2022.

From all of us, a great big thank you.