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By Nick Bailey And David Hayes


INSIDE WESTSIDE is a project that has been in incubation for over twenty years
Because 1995 is when these two long time collaborators played their first gig together, at a charity event in a Dublin venue called Mother Redcaps.
Fast forward to now – where Nick Bailey and David Hayes finally take time to work on their own project, one borne out of a shared love of the score of West Side Story, a fairly up close and personal relationship with every note of it, and most of all - a strong shared sense of rhythm and the language of subdivisions – spoken and unspoken .

We hope you will follow this exciting journey at:       www.facebook.com/insidewestside

INSIDE WESTSIDE features their own interpretation of the famous score –
with some twists – some smaller moments to “look under the bonnet and see what is actually happening” and some equally thunderous, boisterous, brilliant, sweeping, electrifying passages of soul lifting rhythmic primal climbs.

Nick and David have performed in and/or produced, over 16 full scale, live performance DVD’s and have gigged on all 5 continents and particularly in Europe, USA, Australia – and venues such as Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, Red Rocks, Sydney Opera House, Tokyo International Forum and the Royal Albert Hall, Hammersmith Apollo, Edinburgh Playhouse and a multitude of arenas.

Commissions from the National Theatre, scores for 8 original musical theatre productions, nominations and awards for Musical Direction,
20 times platinum production credits
Three Grammy ballot listings including
Record of The Year
Best Arrangement Instrumental
Best Contemporary Instrumental Album

We are crowdfunding in the hope of creating some key moments with our genuine fans (and friends!) in the form of Fund it rewards. This creative process needs to be shared, rather than just presented in a glossy box at the end! We figure this is the best way to bring our friends on board to share this incredible experience.   We plan on sharing all our behind the scenes photos, fly-on-the-wall videos, and stories with our funders!

Friends - sincere thanks for taking a look at what we have to offer here. If you love West Side Story, Musical Theatre, or just little old 'Us' .... please get involved, and share this incredible experience with us! It all starts here! Nick and David x



2023 January Update

Dear friends and supporters, 


It has been quite a while since you heard from us and we wish to acknowledge this and also your very giving tolerance and patience. We have not been inactive however, in fact, we have been anything but idle and have spent literally hundreds of hours on this project – both masked and maskless!


Offstage, we have also spent much time and energy seeking clarity on certain specific issues relating to licensing and also design matters which became quite tedious processes – 

much moreso than we might have ever anticipated from our initial enquiries and research.


However, we are now one email away from a final advice in this regard and we eagerly await same and having made more progress on these matters over the past 6 weeks than in the previous 24 (or more) extraordinarily frustrating months, we are delighted to be able to communicate this sight of a dot of light at the end of a very long tunnel, to you all.


Our own work on musical matters has continued in many phases throughout this time. 

We are absolutely and firmly focussed on realising what we set out to do and indeed, will do so, we sincerely hope, in this year of 2023. 


Now that matters are moving, we will have another update for you very soon and we just wanted to reach out at this point to 


a)   Thank You and

b)   Reassure you and 

c)    Advise of said movement, finally.


Should anyone wish to speak to us directly, in regard to this or any other aspect of the project, we would be delighted to hear from you and to occasion such a discussion, through whatever means might suit eg phone, Zoom etc or to meet in person, if such was preferred.


We remain keenly aware of your support on a daily basis and please be assured that it will simply be an enormous relief to us, to be able to share the culmination of this journey with you all. 


We remain, Yours Faithfully 


Nick and David



David: davidhayesmusic@gmail.com

Nick: nickbaileydrums@gmail.com




Dear Friends, 


At long last we are delighted to be able to catch up with you and to let you know that we are still here and in fact, almost over the finishing line with our Inside Westsideproject and we are anxious to assure you that any delay in arriving at this point has been purely a function of care for and passion for the finest possible version we can deliver.


What started out as a “nice little” musical idea on Piano and Djembe has snowballed beyond our wildest intents (and dreams) to become a fully soundscaped interpretation of WSS. 


Every song has become another epic deep dive, not merely into capturing as flawlessly as possible the musical and/or vocal elements but also  - “telling the story” and with that – capturing the energy that we also wanted to bring to the work, in a way that we feel has

not been captured heretofore.


As you know, we have been working for over 3 years now to bring our project home and we have at times, struggled with the expansion of the project, work flows, processes, 

doubt, stamina, admin, legal, financial and 543 days of pandemia – 

which were sometimes a boon and sometimes a tortuous hindrance.


But having found our second wind (maybe even our sixth!) we have been working hard since February of this year to bring the project to fruition and so we are delighted to be able to update you that we are very much still here, and now, finally, truly in sight of the finishing line.


We have 3 days of editing remaining - scheduled to mid-October, at which point we can finally handover to the legendary Brian Masterson to produce our final mixes which we hope you will dig, dig, dig!! 


We are energised yet further with the return of the Arts and very much look forward to celebrating the liberation of every semiquaver – unimpeded by unrelenting restriction and we hope that you will/can join us at that momentous hour, which is so very nigh!!!


Thanking You for your care, your trust and your unwavering support which is so very dearly and deeply appreciated.


Nicky and David.










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