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IDIONUMINA: Help Make It Happen

By Idionumina


Idionumina is a site-specific art event that will bring an exclusive and exciting experience of contemporary art to the small town of Graignamangh, Co. Kilkenny.  Curated by Deirdre Southey and Maria Tanner, this event comes together as an idea intensive,mallable and experimental project based on a meditation with time and place.  Sited in a disused commercial hotel known as No.15 Hughes,built during the 1850’s in fusion with an architectural history that dates back to the 12th Century, this peculiarly experienced building, is no longer serving its former utilitarian function. It now stands as an errant space, lapsing into different planes of dream and memory. It is from this site that 20 artists from across Ireland will explore the character of this emancipated ambiance in the consideration of private space (oikos) and public space (polis) and their mutual relationship.   Artists, both emerging and established, will come together to work with various forms of installation, performance and sculpture in a creative investigation of unseen possibilities for their own individual works and that of the building.

Participating artists include: Aoife Banville, Monica Boyle, Marie Brett, John McHarg, Andrew Carroll, Andrea Cleary, Becky Coffee, Lynda Conroy, Alison Cronin, Mary-Jo Gilligan, Kieran Healy, Rachel Healy, Kate O Kelly, Lemeh 42, Sharon Mc Carty, Julie Moorhouse, Cliona Ni Laoi, Ben Reily and Nina Tanis.

What you will be supporting?

What the project Idionumina represents, is a great opportunity to provide a unique space for 20 talented artists to realise new work,what we don’t have however is a budget, but with your generous support we can bring this unique project to life.

• With your pledges we will be able to install the building with a temporary electrical supply to light and heat the building for the duration of the event.
• To cover the cost of event Insurance
• Accomodation in support of artists travelling from across different parts of Ireland to install their work.
• You would also be supporting the documentation of the event, along with the production of a publication profiling the artists and their work. This publication will also feature comissioned texts investigating the medieval history of Graiguenamanagh, and art critical writings.

For more information and visuals on Idionumina do check out our website at: www.idionumina.com

Please support us, what ever you can afford, it all adds up.

Many thanks,

Curators and artists of Idionumina.




We have reached our target!!! and gone over it by 5% with 1 day left to go!! Thanks so much to everyone who has taken part in helping us to realise this unique project, we can now start working on event preparations. Cheers, from the Idionumina team.....

6 days left to go!!

You have all been amazing by pledging and supporting our project. If you can, please do continue your support by sharing the link on your social networks and emails, that would be great..If each of you find one other funder we will reach our target!:) http://www.fundit.ie/my/project_manage/idionumina-help-make-it-happen


We are in the final 2 weeks of our campaign, lets hope we make it. Thank you so much to our funders so far, we very much appreciate all your help, curators & artists of Idionumina

Nearly halfway there!!

We are just about on the half way mark, thank you to all our new funders over the last few days, without support like this the project could not happen...

Going good....

Dream is gradually becoming a reality, thanks so much to our latest pledgers, we really appreciate it:)


Just received a pledge bumping us up to 36% funded, excellent thank you so much ...

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Going great so far with 8 funders and 1,546 raised so far, delighted with the support...............

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Wow we are 30% funded already, thank you for all your pledges so far:) we are delighted!!

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A big thank you to our first pledge on Idionumina, its very much appreciated:)

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