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iD by Blue Teapot Theatre Company

By Blue Teapot Theatre Company


iD: identity
iD: intellectual Disability

‘Who do you think I am’.

iD experiences the world as seen through the eyes of people with intellectual disability and questions our perceptions of identity along the way.

Blue Teapot is a multi award winning theatre company, performing arts school and outreach project for people with intellectual disabilities; committed to high quality theatre, training and the celebration of creativity.

The world premiere of iD will be unveiled in the Galway Arts Festival this year. This innovative and entertaining new work is conceived & presented by the actors in collaboration with Director, Scott Williams and Dramaturg, Gavin Kostick.
Scott Williams is an internationally sought after director based in London. He runs two Acting Conservatories, one in London and one in Paris; He has been teaching master classes to our actors for the last three years.
Gavin Kostick (Dramaturg) recently won an Irish Times Theatre Award for Best New Play. A member of Fishamble Theatre Company in Dublin, Gavin is dedicated to promoting new Irish work. Gavin worked with Blue Teapot in 2011 on the short film project ‘84’.

With your help, and Fund it, you took our last production Sanctuary to the Galway Theatre Festival - which inspired admission in the Galway Arts Festival, Dublin Fringe Festival and a tour to Wexford; garnering nominations for an Irish Times Theatre Award and two Fringe Awards. Sanctuary inspired a national media debate from its world premiere in October 2012 on the topic of sexuality and disability. One of the highlights of its success was this year’s airing of the IFTA winning RTÉ documentary Somebody to Love. This sparked debate in the Senate to change the law preventing people with ID from having sex before marriage.

We have a proven track record.

We have to raise 1/3 of the production budget with your help. Your contribution pays the actor fees, additional actor support (like providing transport needed for rehearsals & performances) and crucial production elements; set, costumes, lights and sound. Creating a brand new piece takes time, planning and money and we’re committed to doing it right. The initial conception took place with the actors and Scott in March. On June 1st we kick off a six week rehearsal process with Scott (in from London) and Gavin checking in from Dublin. The set build will commence mid-June with additional production elements layered in after that.

Our experience: We are in operation since 1996. Recent awards & nominations:

• Winner Allianz Business to Arts Dublin Airport Authority Arts Award 2013
• Shortlisted Allianz Business to Arts Awards: Best Long Term Sponsorship 2013
• Winner Galway County Mayors Award: Arts & Culture category 2013
• Nominee Dublin Fringe Festival Best Production and Spirit of the Fringe 2013
• Nominee Irish Times Theatre Award: Judges Special Award for giving a voice in theatre to actors with intellectual disabilities 2012

Thank you for taking the time to contribute, remember to spread the word.

From the Teapots, Teacups and even the Teabags (staff!)



Closing Night - What a whirlwind, we did it!

Dear funders, We've made it! Closing night to another sold our run of a Blue Teapot Theatre Company production. iD was very well received by audience and critics alike. Each performance had people waiting on the door in the hopes that a ticket would be returned or made available for purchase and we were lucky enough to take care of as many patrons as we could. The sign with your names was posted proudly behind our box office declaring to the world our appreciation of your fabulous support. I'll be wrapping up your rewards in the next couple of weeks. If you haven't gotten me your address or picked up your reward at the door please contact me at admin@blueteapot.ie and I'll be very happy to take care of you. If you hadn't heard we were nominated for Best use of Creativity in the Community in this year's Allianz Business to Arts Awards. We are very honored to be acknowledged and look forward to the ceremony in September. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. You have helped create something completely new. Have a wonderful summer. Kathy

Two weeks until Opening Night of iD

Hello funders, The design elements are layering in and we're officially two weeks from opening night. The excitement is rising and all the actors are in good spirits. Right now I can hear them chatting and greeting each other ready for another day creating iD. I promised we'd keep you up on how things are developing, and the best way to do that is right from the horse's mouth (so to speak…. Scott, you're lovely really) Kathy An Update from iD Director: It’s a challenging and inspiring time in the rehearsal process. Every theatre maker can tell you that time is the enemy of our work — that deadline is absolute! — and we’re facing down our deadline in about two weeks’ time. But I always think that my job as a director is to shelter the actors from that feeling that they’re under pressure, and release them to their most creative ways of work in doing that. The Blue Teapot actors spend each rehearsal exploring, trying new ideas, discarding, restaging, always asking ourselves, “is the the best way to do our show?” Not everything is perfect. But it’s always exciting, and we’re having a whale of a time preparing this show. Our purpose, we are always reminding ourselves, is in the slightly cheeky question, “who do you think we are?” You’ll know the answer to that question in about two weeks’ time! Scott Williams

A note from the Director and more

Hello iD supporters, We're in full swing with rehearsal for iD and the creative energy is flying. We'll be checking in with each of you shortly to get more information for some of the reward levels. Quite a lot of the rewards will be fulfilled closer to the show opening as we get posters, production shots and programmes created. I’m also writing to let you know that tickets have gone on sale online at www.giaf.ie I hear they’re selling well (in no small part to you spreading the word!) The Box Office will open this Monday 16 June 2014 to the public at Galway Tourist Office, Forster Street, Galway, Ireland. Opening hours are 10am to 5.30pm, Monday to Saturday, or you can call +35391566577. Thought you’d like to hear directly from one of the Creatives from our iD production team. Below is a note from the lovely Scott Williams, our Director. Hello my friends, I wanted to email you in appreciation of your help and support on the Blue Teapot production. We’re in to our second week of rehearsals, and they’re rewarding and stimulating and a little bit scary. We’re still not sure what the show will be — very unsettling for a director! — but we keep our eyes on the goal: iD will show the world who these wonderful people are, and how they respond to the world around them. Because of you and over 200 other people like you, we were able to surpass our goal, and have raised over €14,000 to support this very special project. I’m particularly happy that you’ve given so generously, because you’ve demonstrated your love and approval in such a tangible way. Thank you. Galway is beautiful, with incredibly changeable weather (the Irish say, “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes”) and warm, hospitable people. I’m well taken care of, and awake each morning to a spectacular view overlooking the Galway Bay. I’ve got good friends and an amazing support network here as I prepare the show, so the work is surrounded by a lot of happiness. Thank you again, my dear friends, and, as the Irish say, sláinte! Scott

A wonderful surprise with the finish line in sight!

Hello Fantastic Funders, I’m writing to once again give you an update on how the campaign is going. We are currently hovering just over the €9,450 mark with 3 days left to raise the final €2,550. To keep the momentum going in the final days, we are THRILLED to announce that the Salthill Rotary Club will be matching all donations after the €10,000 mark! This means any donation funders make after we reach €10,000. Rotary will match that amount making the final total a whopping €14,000! John Ryan, President of the Salthill Rotary Club, is eager to show his support and is just waiting for us to reach the €10,000 mark for the final push to the finish line, John says ‘C’mon folks let’s get this over the line! Blue Teapot needs your support. We’re delighted to support them and increase the overall fund. So come help them over the line by making a contribution that we’ll match’. Almost there, thank you all for being our champions! Let’s keep this campaign moving and grooving towards the finish line. Go Team Teapot! K

Update from the campaign trail

Good afternoon iD funders, As of right now we have 89 of you wonderful funders and have raised 35% of our goal. Amazing. The support from you all is felt by everyone here. We crunched a few numbers (because that's what we do) and realised if every one who's funded already got four people to donate just €10 we'd be two thirds of the way there. If they contributed €25 we would have reached and surpassed our goal. So please keep spreading the word if you can and know that what you have done already has made a significant difference to us. We’ve also been asked what do you do if you want to fund it but are not up for navigating the payment world online. You (they) can still contribute. Please spread the word - all you have to do is contact Kathy at (091) 520977 or drop off your donation to Blue Teapot (Mon – Thurs 9am – 5pm) and the contribution will go directly into our campaign fund. Whichever way people choose to donate – all are still eligible for the rewards at every donation level. Thak you for being our champions. I know we can get there. Go Team Teapot! Kathy

Join in on some fun with us

Hello lovely project funders, You are a part of an elite wonderful clan that has begun this journey with us on the road to iD in the Galway Arts Festival. Thank you. Join in on a little fun we have planned for the campaign. We've posted this video https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=VwiDENqtLT0 on our Facebook https://www.facebook.com/blueteapottheatrecompany and Twitter https://twitter.com/BlueTeapotTC to get people talking about the show with the #BTWhatsyourid Create your own video, upload it, share it and tell people about the show. What could be easier. We're asking YOU the question, What's your iD? What's yours? Right now, I am grateful. K

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