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I was here. I lived. I loved.

By Clinton Kirkpatrick


My name is Clinton Kirkpatrick and I am a painter working in Ireland.  I moved home 3 years ago where I have steadily had new exhibitions and I am now working towards my largest ever solo in a massive space in the Waterfront Hall, Belfast, in March 2012.  In May and June 2011 I ventured out to Kenya to work with HIV/Aids awareness, work in a school and (unexpectedly) began to teach drawing to two different groups of youths.

Utterly, completely and truely amazed by the drawing that the guys did during the short time we had lessons, I was proud to have met them, taught them and learnt from them. Even though they inspired me as an artist considerably I subsequently inspired them to start their own studio and to this day, 4 months later, they are continuing to draw.

The week before I came home from Kenya I got offered a solo exhibition confirmed for the Waterfront Hall in Belfast (things happen when they happen right?!). This pushed me into full time art as I quickly realised I had much work to create over the next number of months.

I want my catalogue to be more than just that of showing my paintings. I now correspond on a regular basis with one friend in particular in Kenya. When I met Jetmark, he told me that he was a writer. I was simply blown away by some of the words he let me read.

You see I gained so much insight into many many things in Kenya. My painting is stronger than ever and I made so many great friends out there. And I want to give something back to those friends I met.  I want to feature some of Jetmarks words, from a letter he wrote to me, in my publication because I don't know if this young guy from a slum will ever really get the chance to have his work publicised.  He has inspired me for a new abstract called 'Hope' which will be in my show. The concept for the painting came after reading his words regarding his perception of hope and what it means.

The catalogue will be a collection of paintings, words, letters and photographs dedicated to the inspiring people I worked with in Kenya. After all it was them who have completely inspired my new work.  I am not in a position to afford to fund my own catalogue unfortunately. This is where I would completely appreciate any contributions you could make. Check out the rewards I am offering in return for financial support. Peace out folks!


Thank you for your help,


Clinton Kirkpatrick