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I See His Blood

By Eoghan O'Reilly


I See His Blood is a short dance film which has been conceived as meditation on the Irish Nationalist rebellion of 1916 and on the conflict between love and sacrifice.

The film references the marriage of Joseph Mary Plunkett and Grace Gifford. On the night before his execution, his fiancée, Gifford, was allowed to visit him and they were married in the prison Chapel.

The film will feature a dance performance by young Irish dancer, Róisín Whelan, actors Kevin Malone and Zara Burdon Yeates, and music by Robbie Overson on guitar. The poem 'I See His Blood Upon The Rose' by Plunkett will feature. These elements are to be called together to explore a series of conflicts - between past and present, violence and love, action and regret.

Where we are now:

In June of 2015 we had three wonderful days of shooting at the location. We now have the footage. But we don’t yet have a film.

This is where you come in. The film needs to be edited. It needs colour grading, additional sound recording, sound editing and mixing. All this adds up to €4,500.

The intention is that the film will be exhibited in 2016 at a number of events related to the Centenary of the 1916 Rising and will also be submitted to Irish and International Film festivals, in particular, festivals specialising in dance-on-film. Opportunities will also be sought to have the film broadcast on television and to participate in dispora commemorations for 1916.

For more on the film see the Facebook page.

The team:
Producer /Choreographer/ Co-Director: Adrienne Brown
Dr Adrienne Brown was a founding member of, and chair of Dance Ireland from 2008 - 2013. She has choreographed over 40 original works, staged in Ireland, England and France; the collection of which is in the National Dance Archive, University of Limerick.

Co-Director: Eoghan O’Reilly
Eoghan O’Reilly is a visual artist and art educator working in Dublin. He has exhibited widely and has worked in photography and theatre set design. Eoghan’s previous short film, ‘Two Minutes’ staring Brendan Conroy and Emma Hopkins has been screened at a number of Irish film festivals.

Dancer: Róisin Whelan
Róisin has performed in the Eigse festival for a number of years while also performing in dance shows bi-annually in the George Bernard Shaw theatre. In 2014 Róisin enrolled in the school of Dance at Inchicore College of Furhter Education. She won Dancer of the Year at the 2015 Dun Laoghaire International Youth Dance Festival.

Actor: Kevin Malone
Kevin has specialised in work by Samuel Beckett, acting in such works as “First Love”, “Molloy” and “Rough for Theatre One & Two”. Recently he was in the short film ‘Death’s Mailing’ which won top awards at the Rome Independent Film Festival and the Cyprus International Film Festival.

Musician: Robbie Overson
Robbie Overson is a well-known and renowned musician who has played with all the leading music artists of our time, from classical to jazz, blues and rock to traditional Irish.